Best online shop for Herrick Kit?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMFQuestions, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. I have for years successfully resisted the urge to buy any kit whatsoever but I am going to succumb for the Camelback Motherlode and a Molle Belt Kit.

    (The issued assault vest was simply unusable with Osprey on my last fortnights training. Equally I don't fancy a whole load of kit to my front when/if the buried boxes go boom. Faceful of mags/medkit? No thanks.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable and cheap website?
  2. Don't buy too much, with the exception of the issued assault vest the kit these days is pretty good.

    A lot of people bought the camel back mother load and didn't get on with it.

    The only thing I bought was a webbing belt.
  3. flea bay ????????? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  4. Thanks for the link :D

    I assume you want me in your office for my weekly nosh? OK, but take your dentures out this time.
  5. If as you say in your handle that you are a REMF, do you really need anything other than the issue kit?
  6. In counter insurgency everywhere is the front line :wink:

    Seriously - I am not planning to cut about KAF in a drop leg. I just want a better way of carrying my kit on patrol. The molle belt which sits under the body armour seems ideal. I needed a daysack anyway so might as well treat myself to that as well.
  7. If you are heading out of the gate on various patrols etc you should receive one of the 45L Inf Bergans which should save you some money on a daysack. You will receive it in Theatre. Its based on the Bowman Bag/60mm Mor Bag and is apparently pretty good.

    Dont forget that you may also get Osprey Assault which is much better for load carriage than straight Osprey. It has has a cummerbund if you are carrying large amounts of kit on your body armour which helps to spread the load between hips and shoulders.

    General impressions are that most people carry as little as possible on the body armour and the rest in/on the daysack.
  8. I have a couple of the Wildcat belt/yoke kits still left over from a bulk purchase we made from Home Guard Thrapston.
  9. If you want a molle belt try here
  10. Any photos of this bag?
  11. No phots, but if its based off the Bowman bag then its probably made by Karrimore, might be able to track it down via them.
  12. I would say it doesn't help.

    It's made by Rangemaster and thus is great website for cadets to get issue-looking kit but not for much else.

    The website a bit misleading if you ask me. They make everything out to be real issue stuff. The only thing that is the same as issued kit from them is the DPM (where they're definitely on a winner as it (was) spot on!)