Best OG Daysack?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cheese, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Looking for a daysack for exercise/ day-to-day use. OG any price considered if the review is up to it
  2. Berghaus munro
  3. That one gets my vote
  4. Operators Daysac - Recon OG

    I quite like the look of this although I agree the Berghaus Munro is an excellent (and very popular) daysack.
  5. I got a Munro with zips for side pouches from RVOps. Very pleased with it.
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  6. Munro gets my vote, originally got it for excerise although I found it a bit small and space limited because of no side pockets, still a great civvy bag though so I use it for the gym and swimming.
  7. Get your tailors or friendly scrippers to attach molle webbing straps to the front and in between the side pouch zips and you have an awesome and adaptable daysack!!!
  8. Have look at 5.11 Tactical RUSH 72 or rsu 24; both very good and well priced. Fully MOLLE with loads of room :)
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  9. Cheers i have been looking at the munro and plenty have sang its praises. Cheers!
  10. Eagle A-III pack regular or large (I have the large and it's very good Eagle Industries :: Packs :: Equipment Packs :: A-III Pack - Large (Eagle WaterPoint™ Compatible) ) or Blackhawk or London bridge Trading's 3-day assault packs.

    I'm suprised no-one's mentioned the Karrimor Sabre. I've never used on myself but have read they are popular.

    I suppose it would be handy to know how much kit you intend to carry in it. There's daypacks and there's daypacks.

    An indication of budget would also be useful. Or are you a wealthy bu**er ? From Gelert to Mystery Ranch and Arcteryx there's one for every budget.

  11. Berghaus Munro, spend £25 and send it off to Jay Jays and they'll smash Molle fittings all around the body of the daysack.

  12. i just bpurchased a golani from the night and lived out of it for twon weeks. 90 quid and is already molle strapped up. 60 litres and u cn strap stuff to the out side. top bit of kit, also have a camel back talon. good for day to day use but a bit small for ops or on the ground
  13. sniper9 - right there with you. I bought a Golani from for TELIC and love it. Plenty of space inside with internal straps to keep stuff secured, including a 346 type radio with the antenna up. The rifle strap on the outside is a bit chod but I did use it when humping all my kit across the COB a couple of times. However, it does give you a couple more compression straps to get everything nice and tight and you can get your PLCE side pouches on with them. The big admin pocket on the front is useful too. Well worth a look.
  14. how much did that cost you?
  15. I use one of these (24) for work (train guard), lots of heavy/bulky kit. It's a good quality feeling piece of kit, had it a year now with no problems and it gets hard wear. Easy to put on and off, and although no waist belt, it doesn't slip about.

    Description of it here YouTube - 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack from U.S. Cavalry