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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zubrzycki, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Squaddies/British being Squaddies/British we are all prone to the occasional friday night slap off and so; what is the best scrap you have ever been in and what is the worst fight you have ever been in?
  2. T was 1984....the Mint in Exeter, it was something out of a western, bikers wanted to take on bootnecks.......well you can guess the rest 8) that was the best.....the worst was we gate crashed a Naafi bop in RAF Upavon....all the Crabs & Rocks ran away.....there was only 10 of us.....mind you i did trap off with a good looking WRAF Bird smuggled her in the boot of my Car into Nether's for some "Nasty" she fecking loved it...but not the walk back in the Morning..... :wink:
  3. really :roll:
  4. i think this has already been done before, might be worth having a search for it
  5. The "Fleece" in Richmond. Went for a piss and this glasgow bloke followed me into the bogs, he kicked 10 bells out of me. I did get a couple of digs in, but he was better at it than me. Where were me mates you might ask, I know I did next day. To add insult to injury the SSM had me paraded behing the guard (again) for 7 days because he said I looked like shite.

    Never did find out what I'd done to upset him, the jock that is, perhaps being english was enough.
  6. Is that the point you woke up at? Sounds like something out of "Escort readers letters, 1981"

    I'm calling bullsh!t, you lying rotter, and I claim my £10.
  7. if that was your best fight, then your worst one must have been f*cking tragic mate! :D
  8. That was me only fight in the 2 years I was in. We were very civilised in Catterick in those days. :D