Best of Naafi nominations

It seems a while since any threads made it into the 'Best of Naafi' forum, mainly because they have been mainly shi1t, but also because I'm perhaps guilty of not modding too much over recent weeks / months and MiB also being busy.

Of course Five alphas, Kenya thread is a place reserved and will be moved today.

Are there any more?

Please pose links to the threads which may be worthy of a slot in the best of forum.

Cheers bastardos.
Ah, my vote woulda been Kenya. Good to see it's already going!
The Kenya thread should be up for some sort of super-award. Very interesting and it hasn't been hijacked or turned into a childish row about who's dad is bigger than your dad. Awesome.
Kenya thread, I alternated between laughing my balls off and almost honking up, Isn't that what ARRSE is all about?
Meridian's 'Come and have a go if you think you're funny enough' is a gift that keeps on giving.
Yeah I like the fuzzy wuzzys one also .
Good call on the Kenya thread P_G

If someone can clear out the willy waving then the 'look at this cunt without laughing' thread had its moments.

African infantryman of the year is up there as well
Meridian's 'Come and have a go if you think you're funny enough' is a gift that keeps on giving.
Good call. Apart from the titty thread, that has to be one of the longest running threads in the naafi bar and was always good for a smile. Sadly it dropped off a little though.


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Good call on the Kenya thread P_G
Thank you for your input. My Moderators have taken appropriate action. They live to serve. I swear they do.

As to the others... they are more 'live' threads rather than classics like Kenya. So they shall remain in NAAFI for now. If we require your further input, one of us will be in touch.

Thank you for your time.
May I propose all of the demotivational posters threads?
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