Best of NAAFI bar

This forum, aimed at capturing the best of the NAAFI and hasn't been updated for a while, and I'm guilty of not giving it the time it deserves.

Ive just spent a few minutes in there and giggled like a school girl with a clout full of fingers

Please post here, any links to thread you feel should be added.

I know some of the chaff needs cutting out of some of the threads, but am happy to put the time in and make the best of the sites giggle archive.

Add at leisure please folks
The "Don't be a Poof- get a dose" thread was a class act.

One request though- lock any new additions when you shift them to stop mongs soiling them with dullardry.
Berny's thread on those hounded to death by the PC brigade deserves a place, I'd find it if I could

Also there was another thread or two, possibly both berny again... one based on Necrophilia and one on whether to do the deed with a hobo?
Posts by the one who used to call himself 5.56mm.

Such innocence!!
Celebrity Bezzers - ah now that's a thread

Sig Smiley Harbottle, Royal Signals - In a 22 year career, spanning 8 postings, Sig Harbottle has not been asked to complete a task involving any sort of responsibility whatsoever. On his first day out of training he was asked to tidy his bedspace. The resulting fire caused damage to the tune of £286,000. His subsequent line managers have sought to remove any potential, responsibility flashpoints from Harbottle's path ever since. The four years of his last posting were spent in an MFO box with some pen holes in it, on the top shelf of the Q stores in Rheindahlen. Despite his captivity, Harbottle still managed to be billed for seven mattresses and a top box.

Now that my friends is Convoy on top of his game.

I've just gone through it again and I'm wiping the tears from my eyes.