Best of luck for tomorrow

There's not much more I can offer - I wish I was not so distant and that I was able to come down tomorrow. If there are any questions prior to the meeting, then please contact me ( - work tomorrow, 07913 792083 - mob, 01592 650512 - tonight) but I am sure there is enough material on this side, on the other side and sent in by others to cover any points that Sue or Pete may wish to make if they touch upon planning issues.

This effort is truly inspiring, I remember the earlier days with the Service Voting campaign and the BAFF campaign, which were small group lobbying activities, then the Pun VC campaign which hit the mainstream media and reached the wider public. This is something new, the first time I think there have been boots on the ground like this, with such a response, and I think the petition has had an unprecedented response. The "abandoned soldier" campaign hit the public as well, but that was media led. Well done to those who have given so much, sorry I couldn't do more.

I am sure this will succeed tomorrow - if not, then re-organise and onto the appeal! :twisted:
I echo MrPVRd's sentiments. Good luck for tomorrow, wish I could have done more and could be there tomorrow.

We deserve to win this both because it is morally right and because of the hard work put in by everybody.
Good luck everyone, sorry I can't be there but I have my 2nd interview with Clearchannel and it's likely to drag on.

Will someone phone me to let me know how it went/if a decision was made please, as I have a bet on with my rather apathetic other half and I want to be all smug when I win it :)
Good luck from here as well. I'll be trying to watch the webcast but suspect I'll have to wait for any announcement on here with the connection I've got. Will have "Success", "Cnuts" and "The Fight Goes On" pages ready with A_A so the grayslane site will show what happens asap.
Ground Forces (Blue Team) are in action in 3 locations (Ashtead, Leatherhead and Epsom train stations) and will be moving off to Tesco (Leatherhead) and Sainsbury's (Dorking), plus working along Dorking High Street within the next 45 minutes or so.
Just back in NI (loooong ferry crossing) after spending the last week sans internet whilst Mrs VB underwent surgery on the mainland.

An astonishingly good effort by all concerned - I'm only sorry I was unable to contribute more.

Anyway, good luck to all those attending tonight - can't wait to hear the post-action reports.

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