Best of British Metal

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Skein_Dubh, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Bloodstock and the Bulldog Bash are coming up this weekend.

    There have already been some posts on the subject, but what BRITISH metal are you playing or looking forward to seeing?

    My avatar says it all for me, but they are at the Bulldog Bash and I'll be at Bloodstock.
    I'm looking forward to seeing Huron and Beholder (KMA could become a squaddie anthem).

    Listening to Judas Priest - 98 Meltdown Live at the mo.
    In the car UFO - Strangers in the Night has to rate as one of the best live albums ever.

    I'll be at The (Relentless) Garage, London to see Attica Rage if any other Arrsers want a deafening London Crawl!
  2. I tend towards the unsigned scene instead of the over-hyped and over-played, so I would say the likes of

    9 days down, Fei comodo, Fate, Cinders Fall and Forever Never. Unfortuately, these band have either packed up now or are doing their final tour. It will be a while before anyone of their calibre comes along again.
  3. The name of the game is the Best of British Metal.
    Unfortunately there are great bands packing it in, or on their final tour every day.

    As for Overhyped and over played, I guess you're on about who i'm listening to now Priest and UFO?
    Would love to know the stations you see/ hear them overplayed on.

    Huron and Beholder who I'm looking forward to seeing, def don't fall into this category.
    Other cracking British bands: Attica Rage (of course), Stuka Squadron, Kyrbgrinder, Def Con One.
    As for unsigned: Meansteed and Hybris amongst others.

    This isn't a pissing match, just a thread to showcase the Best of British Metal.
  4. Motorhead.
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  5. Absolutely, until they closed Bloodstock on Sunday night last year.
    Awful was the general opinion.
    However, No sleep 'til Hammersmith is still up there amongst my favourite live albums.
  6. I've always been partial to early Iron Maiden not too keen on anything after Powerslave, I also like hawkwind.
  7. You can't beat the NWOBHM that's for sure.
    Stumbled across an album with Paul Di'anno singing with Praying Mantis 'Live at Last' from 1990.
    Not sure if I love it or if I now know why Maiden got rid of him.

    By 'after Powerslave' are you including Live after Death?
  8. Absolutely.
    Saw Iron Maiden in Brum last year on the Final Frontier Tour.
    Itunes confirms it for me, I've played the whole album throught twice, did not like it at all.
    7 minute intro for the gig then straight into a non entity of an opening number....not the Maiden I remember (& love).

    Much prefer going to tribute bands now, Nigh on Maiden or High on Maiden were pretty good after a few scoops and played the classics.

    Hawkwind...not even when Lemmy was with them, sorry.
  9. Black Sabbath were amazing closing Download this year, and Bring Me The Horizon were possibly the best british band to play the second stage there last year- other than those two, I have a lot of time for Skindred.
  10. Jammy Beggar, missus only gets school holidays off (Not for that reason pervs!) so couldn't make it.
    I've heard very good things about skindred too but yet to see them live.

    I may be getting old, but I shall only be watching bands at Bloodstock this year if I can read their names/ signs/ logos.
    Looking forward to Huron, Orange Goblin, Grand Magus (I know they're not British), Paradise Lost, and Beholder (Kiss My Ass is an epic!) and it goes without saying...Alice on Sunday.
  11. Live after death was just a collection of live tracks pre-85. although I'm not too keen on the albums after that period I do think there are the occasional track that I enjoy. As for di'anno wasn't he done for benefit fraud a few years ago??
  12. I seem to recall they were a collection of tracks from the Long Beach Arena (sides 1 - 3 of the cassette) and Hammersmith Odeon (side 4 of the cassette). Yes Cassette, that's what I 1st heard them on!

    I liked the odd track from Somewhere in Time and I must admit enjoyed 7th Son of a 7th Son, purely because they lit up Donnington that year & I saw them again in early '88 on the same tour.
    After that...Blaze who?
    But as you say the occasional track was decent...Wickerman, Fear of the Dark to name a couple....But shocking last album.
  13. Meadows, Monkey Knife Fight and Slabdragger
  14. Are they local to your area?
  15. MOTORHEAD, what's the difference between Lemmy and god ?????

    Trick question 'cos Lemmy is god !

    Rock 'n' roll - the only religion that will never let you down-----------If anyone lives near Bradford get to the Brewery Tap in Idle-rock bikers pub, live rock bands on every weekend-it's headbangingly fantabulous-I'm 50 and still slamming me head into large speakers