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I'm in the early stages of the recruitment process (Careers office have just received medical forms back from my GP) On my application I have put down 'Gunner' as my first choice and Infantry as my second, the Royal Artillery really appeals to me but, so does the Infantry I have a number of friends who are currently serving in both the RA and the infantry and I hear stories and reasons why I should join both, to cut a long story short I like to get amongst it in whatever I do, which is why the Infantry appeals to me, but I'm also really interested in the fire-power and tech that the RA posses. Is their a regiment in the RA which would give me the best of both worlds?
Apologies! Just noticed the thread directly below this one, but to put it bluntly my recruiter is in 1RRF and isn't particularly helpfull when it comes to the RA
If you want a short sharp journey to glory then join the infantry. Chances aree that within 12 months of paaing through ITC you will be on foot patrol in the 'stan with all the associated risk and glory that that entails.

Join the Gunners and the route to martyrdom will be longer. We are a technical trade, as you point out, so you will need training in a specific field. Some of these are so complicated that you will need a tape to do them on ops.

Choice is yours: use your brains and influence the campaign or lose your brains and well...lose your brains. Choice is yours!


Don't get me wrong it's not 'glory' im after, the thing is it's been portraied to me that the RA are basically static and only move when they have to, and rarely actually see any 'action' while on tour. This is NOT my opinion but what iv'e been lead to believe... I was just wondering if there is a specific Regt in the RA which your very active (as im a hands on and active person) thanks for the input, im sure RA is the corps for me just unsure of a Regt!
It depends what you want to do within the Gunners.

Look up observation post parties (OP parties) or FSTs (Fire Support Teams). Also 7 Para RHA and 29 Cdo RA. 148 Battery. 4/73 Battery. These are the more obvious gunner routes to "action".

More than that though, think about how many guns are deployed on ops - they do not need all the gunners to be firing guns, so in most recent ops, RA have deployed as infantry, patrolling etc.
Thanks for the advice mate, I had a rough idea that those types or regt saw more 'action' I realy fancy 7 Para RHA but doubt I will be anywherw near fit enough to pass P coy.
Thanks for the advice mate, I had a rough idea that those types or regt saw more 'action' I realy fancy 7 Para RHA but doubt I will be anywherw near fit enough to pass P coy.
Its not so much all fitness as a state of mind. I thought the same about fitness in my time and my lad left Harrogate in August with PFT times of 9:50 but passed the all arms this April having done only two weeks of the beat up and no conditioning course. He worked hard during the summer and in phase 2 and though he was pushed hard he passed first time. He was not the fittest by a long way and on occasion struggled sometimes on the phys, but he had the right mind set to try his best and not give up. He is now in 29 with a green lid and dagger on his arm because he wanted it enough. I did a similar sort of thing.

So think seriously about 7 RHA or 29 as you and the army will make you as fit as you want to be! Good luck whatever you decide.
Youv'e made a good point there! I've always thought you had to be like superman to pass p coy or the all arms course, and when i think about it just a few months ago I never thought I could be as fit as I am today so theres no reason I couldnt be fit enough by the time phase 2 comes around, 29 or 7 para rha are regt's that Im certainly interested in so I think I'll step up my training another notch and see how I get on, thanks for the reply, much appreciated!
If you pick FST(observer) as a job you will be out patrolling with the Infantry guys and YOU will be responsible for calling in Guns/GMLRS/air for support if you get into a pickle,lol


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