Best of both worlds.....or am I sick?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PrinceAlbert, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. I was using the tinterweb last night for it's primary purpose, sat in my dressing gown, kleenex at the ready, a tub of swarfega, and a pint of Lucozade at the ready.

    Visiting the usual haunts, such as x-hamster, u-jizz and the like, when I stumbled upon something that I thought would be so wrong that it was worth a punt....

    Shemales on females!

    Why not, thought I as I clicked on the video, and waited for it stream to my laptops screen.

    I was expecting to see something like a pre-op Legs smashing some Deustcher munter up the gary, and was ready to alt-F4 it and move on......and then it started.

    The girls were fit, and not at all the dirty fetish bints that you come to expect in these kinds of flicks. The shemales were also top notch! Not a pair of big hands, adams-apples, or 5 o'clock shadow in sight.

    It was like watching 2 fit lezzers going at it like a moon faced mongchild on a 99p flake, but with a real schlong, instead of a strap-on, followed up by real facials!

    So happy was I that I decided to smash 2 out, and leave the second part of the film for tonight.

    Is there something wrong with me???
  2. PA shemales are MEN how long have you been gay?
  3. Really? I didn't know that......

    Actually, I did know that. But that's my point. These "shims" didn't look remotely like men, well, apart from the obvious meat and 2 veg.

    Standard porn sometimes has a man in it........does that make you gay? This is standard porn, except the man looks like a hot chick. I'm not saying that I want to be nailed by it.

    As for me being gay......are you asking me out?
  4. No never confused but thanks for the offer, the fact is she could look like Sam Fox but she is still a he, best tits ever but the cock and nut would be too much of a distraction even for me.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's not gay. You haven't lived until you've been fellated by a Thai ladyboy as you watch it's flaccid rod flopping around in front of your face.

  6. PA, when you are ready i'm organising a coming out party, you're invited. It's been a while since I've been to Thailand, they'll love you. Don't tell Wedge though it'd kill him.
  7. Shemales have great fake tits and love anal... they're also better at FIFA on PS3 and like a pint. Why have a girlfriend that isn't a Shemale?
  8. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Lady Thread aside, it's about time we had a quality thread in the Naafi Bar that actually makes people laugh instead of the usual eye-rolling they normally provoke.

    A while ago we had a guy in our unit who used to wretch at the thought of smashing a woman's back doors in. When asked why the reaction, he simply replied "what's the difference between a woman's tea-towel holder and a bloke's?". Aside from the fact that men tend to have a look at what's just come out of it afterwards, I'd say very little. But he was asked a similar question - next time his missus his smoking the old blue-veined Havana, ask yourself what's the difference between a woman's mouth and a blokes? Aside from what comes out of it (Man - carburettor, pernalty shoot-out etc / Woman - cushions, too cold, nag nag nag) again, I'd say very little.

    At first he tried to argue it's completely different, to which we replied "of course it is, seeing as men tend to know what they're doing and make a better job of it". Watching him squirm with homophobic anguish was a treat. In the end we summised he must have surpressed desires, hence we spent the next 6 months changing his screensaver to 'Chippendale theme' whenever he nipped out, and even ordered him a 'Hunks 1996' calendar as his Secret Santa.
  9. well you can't argue with logic like that....
  10. See where your coming from here PA ... it's good to occasionally question convention. Needless to say there would be concern if you were banging one out watching a bearded bloke nosh off a shim, but a rather pretty thing schlonging another rather pretty thing is something else entirely. Bit like straight porn but with an extra set of tits ... or lezzers with some tackle.

    Carry on Sir, not much wrong with your thinking.
  11. Yes.*

    *But not in anyway meaningfully relevant to this thread. ;)

    PS was there any dwarf porn?
  12. Cheers buddy :)

    I believe there was some midget porn, but that's too oldskool for me ;)
  13. Surprised no one has asked for a link yet

    Purely out of curiosity of course.....
  14. It wasn't until I shagged a ladyboy I realised how gay I'm not. She was a 6'1 mixed race Singaporean/Maori with plastic tits and a femanised face due to the hormones.It was all going well with lots of mutal rimming,kissing and squeezing etc but I couldn't help feeling a little uncomfortable as she rested her balls on my chin and tickled my tonsils with her hampton. I didn't really enjoy getting a gob full of 'girlie cum' as she put it, but did manage to give myself a big round of appluase for a job well done after I extracted my forefinger from her slacker than usual anus.
    Not something I would want to repeat in a hurry although I do have the occasional wank about it.

  15. Yep thats done it for me ta :pukel: