Best of ARRSE/NAAFI threads

Should the BEST OF threads be preserved in all their glory?

  • No. Dont lock the threads, people should be able to post dull stuff on them

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  • Yes. Lock threads. Only MODS/Admin can add to the forum

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How do folks.
Im sure we are all in agreement that the threads contained in these forums are pieces of excellence that deserve to be preserved in all their glory.

However as of late, what was say, for example a 15 page thread turns into a 30 page thread full of 'lol', 'nice one' sort of replies.
In my opinion this reduces the thread to something that would be quite happy in the naafi or internet links thread.

So I propose that perhaps the Best of threads should be locked so they are kept in all the glory, for people to read over at their leisure without trawling through pages of 'lol' replies.

Simply because its dull as feck :D

All replies and votes welcome.
Cheers for your time.
There is nothing like like going out with the roar of applause in your ears.



Lol, nice one, suitsy! :D :D :D

No, seriously, I think that's a cracker of an idea.

Bollocks idea. Why stop a decent thread in its prime just because someone decides that has now reached an arbitary quality level?

I have no problem with a bit of judicious pruning though.


Edited, 'cos the fucking swear filter is amending my fine prose again!
The vast majority of the 'best of' threads are old threads that did run their course. So I am suggesting that they remain that way.
As bugsy said, going ot with a bang so to speak. A lot of the time there is no need to drag them back up.
The 'best of' sections are to be viewed as a hall of fame really.
Yes new things get added that are worthy to go into a hall of fame but the old things are not added to.

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