Best not piss this one off then!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crimsonhussar, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. In other news a 30yr old woman threatened 11yr old kids with a baseball bat!
  2. I'm all for it.

    If it was my child who's life was being made a misery at school whilst the school sat back and did nothing, I'd baseball bat the head teacher.

    Before making sweet love to the bullies.
  3. Never piss off anything that bleeds for a week and does'nt die...
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  4. Makes a change from it being the other way around :)
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  5. Did anyone notice the photo caption that reads 'she is wearing an ankle tag, not believed to be related to this case2.

  6. 'Ankle tag'? By the look of that cow, she should be wearing an ear tag.
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  7. I think thats the tag to enforce the curfew ordered
  8. When I was about 7, my mum once threw bricks through the front room windows of an old git who pushed me over in the street. He was too scared to go to the police and she got away with it.
  9. Old git? What else did he do? Did he do the bad touch?
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  10. "muuuuuuuuum! Why have you brought your sex toy on the bus??"
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  11. Good drills. Direct action.

    Hopefully the little bastards involved will have learnt from this.
  12. My eldest daughter was getting bullied at school, usual procedure tell the teachers they promote zero tolerance fk all done. Next daughter starts my advice to her, take no crap if they even look like there going to start smash them. Was at the school a few times because of that but she was always defending herself.
  13. and has a spray on gypo tan
  14. My little one (5yrs) was repeatedly getting picked on by class "mate". He had told the teachers several times, but as usual, fckall was done. One monring when I took his to school, I told the teacher this, she replied "We haven't seen anything". So just said, well, if it doesn't stop, he will fight back. Oooh, suddendly they decided to keep an eye on things. We've had no problems since.

    Is it wrong to teach your kid, that if someone hits him, to "Kick the other fcker till he goes down, then don't stop kicking until the teacher pulls you away"?
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