Best None Food Item You Ever Bought From Lidl

My missus came back from Lidl today with a cordless Window Steamer Vacuum Window Cleaner thingy. Apparently they were out of Chain Saws and the 2 for 1 offer on the Ground To Air Missiles was no longer available.

The window thingy is now on charge.

Got more chargers now than the f'kin Light Brigade....
Their automatic 6/12v battery trickle/maintenance charger - a CTEK clone.

Aldi version equally good.
Not Lidl but Aldi.
Every now and then they punt out pretty good quality merino wool tops for about £20 a pop,in individual cardboard boxes about the size of a large paperback book.
Top tip, stack them 2 or 3 high and the speed merchant bint on the checkout will whizz them through at warp factor 11 as one item.
the toy chuck and chase foamy gliders cost £7.99 each and can be modified to take any cheap 2 channel radio control they are brilliant flyers in a decent wind flow off the hill....thousands of them now flying here and on the continent, even in the states
Bought a AC/DC cooler box ,well both hot and cold in 1999. Still going strong. Last year one of the connectors of the top broke, bit of epoxy and all well.
Not Lidl but Tchibo back in the late nineties, when they were fairly new to the UK. I bought a very serviceable 8 x 20 monocular for 5 quid. A f*cking incredible buy. Too bad I didn't buy their entire stock to take back to israel as back then I could easily have sold the lot at 3 times the price to my colleagues in the security industry
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Got a coffee machine for £20 when they were trying to get rid of end of line stock, cheapo pods seem to do the trick and give us a morning jolt, certainly no worse than coffee in Costalotofmoney and the like
Long Johns and vest made from pure Merino wool which just makes the perfect underlayer for my fishing waders.
They were a third/quarter the price elsewhere and they do the business, summer and winter.
115 mm × 1 mm thin metal cutting disks for angle grinder, I bought the entire bin after I tested a pack against a Bosch disk, no practical difference , worked out at 14 p each , the best price I was paying at the time was a pound each.
Bought a AC/DC cooler box ,well both hot and cold in 1999. Still going strong. Last year one of the connectors of the top broke, bit of epoxy and all well.
Was it all singing and dancing, Back in black?


Budget 1/4" drive socket set. So impressed with it that I got more to gift out to the boys. Also Lidl cheap training shoes described as "hiking shoes" lasted well and gave good value.
Also their folding sack barrow which they sold for about £16. Done so much stuff with this that I knackered the wheels and got some more on ebay to keep on using it. When the offer came round again I got another one, making me a true snob as I'm now a two barrow household. Incidentally, the vary same barrow is sold by loads of different firms all over the internet at far higher prices, even for over £90!
Exceedingly cheap booze.
And bratties.
And other pointless stuff which am fnu to buy and then try to explain to sensible types


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Bench Mortiser. Quarter of the price of a top of the range model and into it's fifth year. Works like a dream and saves hours of dispelling.

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