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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sfub, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. It's probably been done many many times before, but it's quiet on here for some reason, and it's far too cold to go the pub, so, here's mine, what was yours....?

    Aldershot, Jan 1990. After returning early from leave due to a huge row with the chick, I went on the lash. First booking into the salubrious George (20 quid a night for B and B, classy for The 'Shot) I then went to, in turn, The Alex, The Queens, The Traf, The Pegasus, The George, 5's, back to The George to get some more beer tokens and back to 5's. It was a bit hazy after that... apparently I made it to The Exchange and The MIGHTY RatPit, but I have no memory of these events. I woke up, shivering with alcohol poisoning on the floor of my room in the block at 4am and walked back to the George where I woke the landlord, climbed in my bed and stayed there for the day. I did it all again, without the alcohol poisoning, for the next few days. I couldn't manage one night of it now, but my god, it was great to do that then. Drinking, drunk dancing, and trying to trap the deeply unimpressed womenfolk of Aldershot. It beats staying in and playing PSX Wee Box.
  2. Prague, Goldfingers, spent a months wages in one night. The bank is always full after that one.
  3. What gave it away?
  4. Funnily enough, mine was in Prague as well. A place called Pinnochios on the edge of the working-class Zizkov district, just outside the city centre. The closest thing I can compared it to is Jabba the Hutt's Palace in Star Wars, with the interesting addition of fat German sex tourists, most of them dangling Czech rent boys on their knees. I drank a prodigious amount of tequila and woke up in a hostel across town with very little money, an aubergine and a peroxide-blonde 19 year-old called Janik. The only thing I remember was the shaved pubes which had grown back a bit, making oral sex akin to snogging a bloke with 5 o'clock shadow. I must have had fun though because I had Satan's own hangover and shreddies that looked like they'd been smeared with a whole tin of Carnation milk...
  5. 3 day bender in Calgary with three other chaps form the LAD after Medman 4 a few years back. Did the avenue every night, and usually ended up in the Hard Rock Cafe, blagging drinks off the locals. All sorts of kalidescope memories of that sesh, taxi rides, mexican chilli mash, strippers, ladies in swimsuits, ice cream, large coloured prostitutes. Ended up skint with a navel ring and some really blurry pics of a fat chinese chef. even between the four of us, we are unable (or subconciously unwilling?) to piece together the entire session.
    Happy days :)
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Nice place.
    You cannot earn very much, or has it gotten expensive?
  7. 200 Dm in pocket, 16th Birthday, Stuttgarter Platz, happy daze
  8. Went to Barcelona with some Pals, 'Adventure Training', Started off in Hard Rock Cafe, where the Irish Officer with us managed to get everyone and i mean everyone, even the plate washers, dancing on the tables and the bar to YMCA, we then went to an open air concert. After blagging free lager, we spotted a bar on a balcony up some fancy tower. After drinking a fcuk load of tequila and vodka, we could see out into the harbour, where we spotted another bar on a fcuking big boat, so 3 of us thought 'we'll have some of that'. End up on this boat, scoffing about a dozen bottles of champagne, gratis of course. We then had to be carried back to Barcelona train station by the boats crew. Only having 30 minutes to wait for a train, we promptly zonked out on the floor in a kind of wierd spooning fetal position, only to be robbed whilst unconscious. I got fined 120 knicker for loss of ID card when i got back. But by fcuk that was one of the best nights out on the ming i have ever had. If the two blokes who were with me are reading this. We still haven't been back with our Missus's!!!!!
  9. And no Andy, it wasn't a slow worm it was an adder. Thats why you're hand swelled up so big!
  10. Usually the best nights out are the ones you can't remember however one particular night in Berlin sticks in mind. Was with the AMS XV for the Ellis Cup. Went to the Lowenbrau Beer Keller, 25 rugby players stand on chairs and tables to sing 'Singing in the Rain'. Bouncers come rushing in so the RCT and REME squads stand on their chairs and tables to join in. BY now bouncers seeing 100+ on chairs stand around looking hard but contained. Beer was ordered and drunk by the liter with copious shots thrown in as well.
    Eventually we make our exit and head for Grotty Challoti or Charlottenberger Platz to the Mon Cheri Bar where we ended up drinking the most wicked bar top cocktails and diving in the cockleshell-shaped bath that the strippers performed in.
  11. Beirut 1973.On way on leave from Dhofar.Skiing in the mountains in the morning,water skiiing in the afternoon.Lots of European air hostesses about.Met one from Berlin,so spent the rest of my leave there.Others went off to relieve BBME of money,as local trouble was just starting! Still Berlin was good.Spent 48 hours in bed with this bird,whom I remember well to this day!
  12. Beirut 1973.On way on leave from Dhofar.Skiing in the mountains in the morning,water skiiing in the afternoon.Lots of European air hostesses about.Met one from Berlin,so spent the rest of my leave there.Others went off to relieve BBME of money,as local trouble was just starting! Still Berlin was good.Spent 48 hours in bed with this bird,whom I remember well to this day!
  13. Wow, muhandis, so good you did it twice!!! Loads of mental (seeming) nights out.

    1. My Stag Night in Union Street, Plymouth in Sep 89, planned for 2 weeks before the wedding to allow for recriminations, injuries, travel back from distant places etc to sort themselves out. Peaked with a squadron brawl in The Loose Moose, but ending up mates with the doormen and all back inside again afterwards. Brilliant.

    2. Belize City (also George's bar in Punta Gorda) in 1982. You can't beat a 3rd world shoit-hole for a good night out!
  14. Intercontinental hotel, Taipei, Christmas eve 1999. I arrived in from the island of Kinmen having set up a system for dissolving the explosives out of M7A2 A/V landmines. I arrived at the hotel to be met by a bunch of female hotel staff in miniskirts and Father Christmas hats wishing me a "Melly Chlistmas, sir". A hot shower and a change of clothes and thence to the red light district known as the "Combat Zone" albeit a poor facsimile of what it had been in the days of R n R from Vietnam (or so I was told). Bar after bar, a bj here, games there, somehow I ended up with a pair of panties in my pocket and around two in the morning found myself in a bar with the bar manageresses tits out. She was willing but had to close the bar at 0530. She told me she was moist. I checked. Yep. We arranged that she would call me when she was locking up and I would pick her up in a cab and we would go to her place.

    Fast forward to dark o clock in the morning in my hotel room, with the phone by the bed annoying the shit out of me. Where was I? Ah yes, Taipei. Then a hazy recall. I threw some clothes on and staggered to the lift. Ordered a hotel limo and went to the bar. She was older than I remembered seeing her through beer goggles. Never mind. She rattled off instructions to the driver in Mandarin and off we went. An hour and a half (and 200 quid) later we arrived at a rat infested and noisome tower block.

    The lift shuddered and groaned its way up to the 12th floor. she opened the door to the apartment and switched on the light. Cockroaches fled in all directions. She pulled me to a low settee, made me sit and fetched me a drink. Without saying a word she buggered off and I heard a shower start up. A few moments later she walked in naked climbed onto ther settee and parked her flange on my face. Thus started two days of sex, booze and a little sleep.

    Heaven. Must do it again some time. Wonder where she is now.
  15. eodmatt. I seriously thought that story was going to end in tears with the hint of c0ck somewhere along the lines.