Best nickname ever!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 13_EA_72, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. What was the best nickname ever while you were serving?
    And please give the reason behind the name!!

    I think "Whiskers" was my favourite, it was because his breathe smelt of cat food!! hahha

    Although whilst in Kosovo they was a TA lad called sausages from london because he spoke like the THAT's LIFE dog!! (SAUSAGES, incase any of you are too young!)
  2. The best one I heard was 'sledge' - cos he was always getting pulled by dogs!
  3. "biscuits" given because some drunk idiot in the monty bar decided that the lads surname sounded like hobnobs.

    young lad when i was in tidworth got the tag of "seve" short for severe, surname of burns, obviously.
  4. My nickname in the Inf was WEDGE.

    dictionary defintion: Noun - The most basic tool known to man.

    I always thought that was harsh
  5. A lass who worked in a bar in Hameln (cant remember the name) was called "Dip and Dazzle"

    The unfortunate girl had Bongy eyes!!
  6. ArmySurplusSpecial wrote

    if its the same one i remember from the mid 90's the bar was "flaumbaum" (??) or the plum tree in english.

    she had a cracking body though.
  7. I once had a CO with the nickname (not to his face funnily enough) of FONC;
    Friend Of No Cnut

    And the RSM was known as FOOC;
    Friend Of One Cnut
  8. g~~~ge wo~~~~ll, hameln in the 80's,had the affectionate tag of "slimy" cause his skin resembled a toad. poor cnut could not get rid of the tag however hard he tried
  9. There was a RLC driver many years ago in Omagh nicknamed 'Chris Evans'. Mainly because she had ginger hair and glasses. Nothing, if not original.
  10. At 32 we had a rather large (but really nice bloke) for an OC JK were his intials then about 3 weeks later we had a lad join and he was also fat!! with black hair so got stuck with the title of "Mini-Me" hahaha he used to get soooo P1ssed when a lad more sproggy than him called him it!!
  11. Yeah was around 1996 time when i visited. Rings a bell, slim Blonde?? Stunning apart from the eyes!!
  12. Once knew a guy (a civvy - but he worked for the Army somehow) by the name of Richard Large.

    You've guessed it

    Big Dick

    Is that my coat? Why, thankyou!
  13. When I was in Canada there was a lad (he was at rippon I think) who looked the spitting image of chucky from the rug rats but minus the ginger hair!! so for the whole 6 months he was known as Chucky what ever he did to lose the name it didn't work!! even rolling a landrover after being in theatre for about 72 hours!!
  14. A~~d C~~~~ey ex-29 fd sqn had one or two tags given to him: half-moon heid (similarity to mr punch) OR eyeshigher (self explanatory i feel gents)
  15. anyone remember ex-eod full screw K---h P-----tt, when he arrived at 29 fd sqn he was given the loving nickname of "deadbloke" purely cause he was soooooo fecking old, tall & scrawny. fair play he took it all in the spirit.

    we even held at "deadbloke" appreciation night for him in g.v. in bosnia in 97, c/w coffins and the death march blasting out on the stereo.

    good times.