'Best' Newspaper?

The Independent and the Torygraph personally.

I read the Sun and the Daily Mail as they are the opinion formers and rabble rousing rags of the great unwashed. Vital to know what the public groundswell is.
"News" and "bias" are irrelevant.The raison d'etre of newspapers is to sell newspapers.
But how they slant their news is defined by their target readership. Weekend Financial Times is good on most things. Long term perspective combined with research and reasonable writing
Why pay a rag for the news when up to date news and info is widely available on t'internet?
I no longer read newspapers, I just wait for the duty troll to start an outrage thread on ARRSE.
Yes, never buy newspapers anymore, quite happy to get on with looking at them all over the internet.

I read them in this order daily:

Independent (Of Common Sense)
The Scum
Daily Wail

I watch the Beeb News Channel at various times depending on my shift pattern and, on rare occasion, I look at Sky News.

While I loathe to pick out better, best and worst of the lot, I wouldn't go around forming my opinions based on the last two, but then again I would find a working day unbearable without having an ogle at some delicious looking tarts spread all over a 'Newscast' either.
Why pay a rag for the news when up to date news and info is widely available on t'internet?
Usually before it's in the papers and without the artists impression of how things could have looked
I also do not buy papers anymore as 95% is freely available as already stated, However when at work & get the chance it'll be The Times & Torygraph
The Darlington and Stockton Times or The Northern Times. Never a bad word to say about squaddies - unless they've been REAAALLY naughty, and even then they say how good they were in a previous life.
Torygraph for 'normal' i.e. at home, work or in a hotel.
Daily Hate online as it appears to be the only one that doesn't hold back content.
Evnin' Stannad' when in London or flying in or out of Heathrow.

Not a paper, but Old Holborn's blog as he is an opinionated git but makes a good point.
Never buy one, but loiter with intent around bus/train stations and minesweep the leftovers, doctors surgery and hospitals are a generous source of golfing/caravanning and of course national geographic magazines mostly out of date but beggars etc.....
I don't buy a newspaper but have to say the Metro does regularly post stories regarding decorated soldiers or wounded squaddies. Never read a story in there yet that's derogatory towards the forces on the ground. Not bad for a free rag that you chuck when you get off the bus.
Strangely enough, I was contemplating a similar starter thread BUT with broadcasters in mind, eg; BBC, ITV & SKY. (I believe the BBC heavily union backed, therefore, in my opinion they are bias ) But to the original Question, They all seem to have an agenda one way or another, therefore I tend to sway towards the DM because they bring issues to light, even though I don't always agree with their vewpoint.
The Telegraph .............. mainly for the cryptic xword
I rarely buy the Torygraph, but will happily pinch it from the mess to do the crossword. The Mail I will buy, purely for the centre page pull-out of sudoki (and similar) and a crossword that rivals the Torygraph.


When I am in the UK I tend to buy the Torygraph , FT and WSJ during the week and the Times on a Saturday. I can only get the WSJ out here but the one thing I don’t miss is the Saturday magazine and most of the supplements in the Times.

I am convinced that the only people who care about its content are the people who write it. e.g.’ Jurno has a baby and proceeds to write about it for the next eighteen years as if she is the first person in history to raise a child’.

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