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I've been getting back into TF2 of late, to the point that on Tuesday I very nearly posted in here looking for new recruits or old sweats who could be tempted into picking it up again. In the end I decided against it, as the game has been covered before and it's hardly ground breaking.However, this morning I was having my morning dump and a trawl through Facebook and Twitter (the joys of mobile Internet) and saw the best piece of news I've seen since OBL got slotted:

Team Fortress 2 is now free!

After four years providing quality, humourous FPS gaming to a fresh generation of gamers (I say fresh because I played TF: Classic back in '98), Valve have decided to open it to the masses. This probably follows the success of their in-game item sales piece which, surprisingly for a F2P game, has almost zero effect on actual gameplay. Paid items are generally cosmetic and even rare, premium-only items are balanced. In fact, the definition of a premium customer is someone who has ever paid anything TF2 - so one microtransaction on a funky hat item and you're automatically in the big leagues!In honour of this momentous occasion, Valve have also released a new video from their epic Meet The Team (Team Fortress 2: Movies) series, finally introducing us to the Medic.This can be seen at the TF homepage.

I highly suggest that anyone with even the vaguest interest in gaming, who owns an Internet-ready PC, goes and downloads the Steam client immediately and promtply installs the game. It runs on technology that is about eight years old, so compatibility issues are basically non-existant and, even if it doesn't run, it's not cost you a penny! Although away for the weekend I will be signing up as a coach and am more than happy to introduce any new sign-ups to the joys and intricacies of this FPS gem. My Steam ID is "Bruxy".
Ive had TF2 for quite a while and I keep going back to it now and then, playing around with different mods and game types. Its a timeless classic that you can always go back to and even if you haven't played for ages you can still get some action without necessarily getting your ass handed to you every five minutes.

Wont be on the for the next month or so though, as I am in another closed beta round for Star Wars The Old Republic.


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Harry are you in the ARRSE Steam group?P.S. Apologies for the God-awful formatting of the original post. A combination of the site update and shite DII-powered IE6 have removed my ability to post sense. I'll reformat it to something readable later!
That's awesome news, I'll get that downloaded tonight. Wonder if getting stabbed by a spy is as annoying as I remember, going to have to wait until Sunday night to find out, some pish about armed forces day parade or summit over the weekend.


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It's still as annoying as ever. Particularly when you're about to deploy an Ubercharge...
Will be nice to see the odd arrser on the TF2 servers. Stick ARRSE after your name just to make it easier to ID you.


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I cant see what all the fuss is bout with TF2 tbh. **awaits flaming**

tried it, didnt like it particularly.
You need to practice my boy. I thought it was shit till i kept on with it then it all made sense.
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