Best NAAFI Bar Punch-ups..........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheBigUn, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. My starter for 10.

    Sennelager mid 80's during NI Trg, after the walk down the road from Woodlands Camp on a fine summer evening there was nothing finer than a belly full of warm Tennants and a good inter unit set to.

    After the shutters had been down and back up numerous times that evening due to flying cans it kicked off big time with the Inf Battalion who were doing SAA Ranges that week.

    100+ pished up squaddies.............
    A proper wild west saloon fight ensued which was eventually broken up by the RMP and a number of dog handlers with their canine friends.
    Both units departed with no major injuries and not that many too hard feelings. An enjoyable evening was had by all. No doubt it would make front page news nowadays.

    RSM on parade next morning with minor bollocking and saying "I hope that you won!" :D
  2. It has to be in the Faulklands back in 1996, the local Inf Bn and the crab's kicked off big time in the Naafi bar, the snowdrops wouldn't go in so they waited for the dogs to sort it out, and just opened the door and threw the dogs in, there was blood dripped all over the corridors and I think every glass pot smashed, be it on someones head or a dog.

    The dogs loved it, fresh meat - what a punch up that was.
  3. terroratthepicnic

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    1. ARRSE Runners

    Colchester, Royal scots vs 1LI or RGBW (cant quite remeber which). On the parade square. Hardly any injuries due to the fighting. But when the RSM's turned up everyone scattered. We laughed are knackers off when 1 of the RS ran striaght into a tail gate of a 4 tonner that was down. His face was in a bit of a mess the next day.

    The next day the RSM calls a regt parade. Said bollocking went like this.

    "You lot are a discrace, all these people see is a bunch of Rab C nesbitts running around".

    It was at this point that the chefs troop and the LAD started falling about laughing.
  4. Sennelager early '97 (must be something about that place)

    Half of 2RRF against everyone else who was present. There were 3 birds doing a CSE show or something like that and everyone was hoovering, some engineers were getting naked IIRC, when it suddenly went off in the middle of the dance floor. As mentioned above, it was like a western bar brawl with bottles/chairs/speakers being launched into the melee. At some point, a truce developed and the warring factions separated with a clear divide down the middle of the floor... then some funny cnut turned the lights off and it went off again. :twisted:

    Evenutally everyone spilled out and went their separate ways with no serious injuries. Can remember seeing shed loads of RMP lining up the road outside with a group expression of "Fcuked if i'm going in there, we'll get the stragglers"
  5. Warcop NAAFI closing time, early 1980. WESSEX and RH versus Borderers...something about it being their home-turf and picking on the RH. 2 WESSEX naturally joined in on the side of their West Saxon affiliated brethren. Result Soft Southern Nancies by a short head, NAAFI closed for two weeks for repairs. Town pub OOB. Lots of phys...lots and lots of phys. CQMS's planning new villas in Spain...

    My part? I was canteen cowboy and called out the piquet from the safety of (crouching) behind the bar. NAAFI manager and I had a quick lager while we waited for RSM (Mr L - Fijian, very serious individual, could have broken it up himself I suspect) and piquet.
  6. I did hear about the QOH is the US of A in the early '70's who sorted out the "Bros" in the Base bar. If it wasn't a true story it should have been - excellent teamwork by the Jocks manning OP's on the door and ambush positions as the Septics attempted infiltration. Mop-up teams were operating behind the main ambush positions.

    CSM of said Jocks called to restore order.

    Edited once for mong spelling.
  7. Coy smoker Cyprus 1973. RMP took one look and refused to go in. QRF called out, they appeared with their pick helves and went in to break some skulls. The pick helves came out alone.

    Result large amounts of very high level sh1t flying all over the place, lots of coffeeless interviews, and a pay parade where very little cash was doshed out.
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    A bar in a hotel in Kuching. Group from regimental band playing. A platoon from 'C' coy were in too, and one of them, a baby faced assasin named 'Ted' had an argument with a bloke from Auastralian S.A.S. Huge brawl started, chairs being skidded along floor, taking peoples legs from under them RMP called, and we all legged it. Spent three days on run (it was R&R time) before being captured at 0920 in a bar and sent back to camp, way up in the ulu. No sanction, other than confined to camp for 7 days except for patrols.
  9. Q O HLDRS....surely. The QOH were some faggoty cav types who couldn't fight their way out of the proverbial paper bag.
  10. You are of course correct - appypollyloggies :D
  11. C-W I laughed out loud at that QOH comment :D
  12. Hohne sometime in 1989. 15th 19th on ranges doing live firing, cant remember the camp we stayed at but we shared it with one of the Staffordshire Reg batts. NAFFI kicked off and was trashed, guard wouldnt come in to break it up, RMP called and stayed outside, lumps kicked out of each other. Grand night. Continued the next night when the Staffs jumped the 15 19H guard patrolling the veh park and knocked ten bells out of him.
  13. Cyprus UNFICYP tour 1991 - 1992. 15 19H were on the line, a load went down to Napa in the middle of Feb for a lash up when there were no tourists about and the only bars contained "locals". Ended up kicking off into a mass brawl which saw its peak when the Greek Cyp police turned up and started firing pistols in the general direction of the 15 19H HQ Sqn lads. Again many lumps and bumps knocked out of a few people and it was like the retreat from Moscow watchng them sign back in.
  14. Apparently this place had mad brawls every night, it's the old Naafi Roundabout club in Aldershot.

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  15. Grafenwohr 1995, A certain Armoured Bg v Anything American or Germerican as they are down there. GCP called out and arrived in riot gear. Said BG who had recently returned from an NI tour formed our (their) own baseline and proceeded to advance on the GCP shield wall. Many a boxhead copper disarmed and given the good news with their own batons. Next day not so good, big ID parade and all the Brits collared (not difficult really). Dont think any colonials or Germericans got done though.