Best Multi-Tool To Buy

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. Are they issued now ?

    If so what make ?
  2. I was issued a Leatherman Core for H9. Good quality, but never really had call to use all the stuff on it, and replaced it with a small pocketknife.

  3. Some units get issued leathermans for herrick, not sure exactly who though.

    I own a (private purchase) leatherman Surge, great bit of kit, if a bit heavy.
  4. It's now on the clothing demand form, avaliable to all deploying on a government sponsored 6-month holiday in the sand.

  5. Gerber Crucial is in the black bag issued for ops.

    Nice simple and practcal little tool and costs about thirty-odd quid.

    One blade, pliers / wirecutters, screwdrivers (flat and phillips) bottle opener / carabiner, tin opener.
  6. This usually does the trick for every type of repair required.

  7. In a more serious vein I understand the Gerber is the one to have. The last thing attached to my webbing was a cheap Chinese knock off. Never used it, but it felt gash.
  8. I have a big Victorinox Swiss Tool.

    I won't deny it, it's big. And pretty heavy against it's Gerber rivals. However, I've never minded carrying that bit of bulk, as it does have balls to it, and is much more suitable for 'heavy duty' applications.

    For average field use, yes it'd be a bit big and heavy and over-tooled to be much use, however when I spent my days clambering round FFRs bolting stuff to other stuff it was a top tool.
  9. leatherman wave, I believe some Engineer units & pioneer pl's get them issue'd but i presume that'll be down to the unit QM,

    also used a old style Gerber but did'nt lock & requires a service as a bit loose,

    Anyone experienced the Gerber service & repair system or is there one? just curious...
  10. Have used a Leatherman Wave for a good few years now. Was an upgrade from the original Leatherman. Only failed once (and that may have been me using it incorrectly - but I am not addmitting that!) and I had it replaced within a week.

  11. had a leatherman when in - hated the fact that the sections were open when using the pliers making squeezing with any pressure very uncomfortable - now have a gerber and find it much better

  12. ah indeed..."when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything is a nail..."
  13. Leatherman and Gerber are good i used my gerber nearly everyday on herrick,

    i had a gerber with the quick deploy pliers, which i got off a USMC 'grunt' in exchange for a pair of dpm shorts well worth the swap!

  14. True of the Original Leatherman but the Wave has rounded handles so no discomfort when using the pliers.

    For info:

    £60 @ AMAZON

    I got mine of the US EBay for less than £50.