Best mtp webbing?

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I've heard a lot of things about different types of webbing, I've been told to get a osprey belt and add on to it and I've also heard to get something from Dixie's corner or jay jays Brecon. Can someone give me a bit of help for what i should buy?
PLCE in MTP if you can get it, you can potentially ally it up with tailoring from people like Jay Jays in Brecon its been around for over a quarter of a century and works well.

You might get VIRTUS? but I would not want to be spending money on kit to carry ammunition water rations etc as part of your job. Lots of solders are now buying expensive jay jays dragon supplies etc.

Good luck
I haven't gone wrong with my MOLLE webbing. Although some QM types eyes have started twitching when they've seen it recently...

Why not roll pin buckles @W21A? I havent had a drama with mine. Granted it is off more times than its on these days.
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