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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Enigma266, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Im looking at an Ipod nano but wondered which MP3 player you would recommend please. It would appear Creative is not compatible with Vista (which I have) but this could be wrong. Thanks
  2. I have a Creative and have had no problem with it or Vista.
    Mrs B has a Ipod and Itunes wants to takeover the computer.
  3. Big fan of the I-River series myself.
  4. I've had Ipods, Creatives and a plethora of other MP3 players. I am a self confessed Apple whore as well. To be honest, I had nothing but trouble with both Creatives I owned and all 3 of my Ipods have served me well (Ipod Photo, Video and Shuffle). I did have a Rio as well and that was, to be honest, an excellent little device. I'd steer clear of Sony mp3 players though-I didn't like them and the way Sony always go for their own music format (Atrac and Minidisc to name two examples!). I've had a couple of other ones as well and they left such an impression on me that I cannot even remember what brand they were. :oops:

    Ipods are simple and they work. Itunes shouldn't be taking over your computer though Boney-I don't know how you've got it set up but it behaves itself on both my Mac and Windows laptop.
  5. I never had any problems with the computer until she got her Ipod.
    However we do have the computer partitioned . (Whether that has anything to do with it ?)
    But with the Creative, no problems at all and i have had it for 2 Years now and run it on XP and Vista.
    Agree about Sony though.
  6. I bought a 30gb iriver around a year ago, but it wasn't recognised by my pc unless I did an emergency reboot (same happened with my laptop & work pc). Numerous emails to iriver (europe & worldwide) went unanswered. Only response I got was an automated returns number....sent it off (Germany)...came back exactly the same....more emails...feck all from iriver. Eventually contacted Dabs (website I purchased it from) who responded quickly & refunded my dosh. Got a Creative which I think is excellent. (I know, I should have contacted them first)

    I loved the quality & feel of the iriver but their customer support fcuking sucks (well it would if it existed).

    If I started again I'd go for the Ipod, and it's the best supported and has the most accessories available by far.
  7. Ive got the bloody first ipod lol.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I have an iPhone and the Doris has an iPod, both work as advertised with no problems. Works for me.
  9. Yep, Iriver customer support does suck, but saying that they made an awesome player called the ihP-140 a few years back.

    I bought one for best part of 300 quid and even now they still go for half that on ebay.

    Unfortunately, I managed to kill it by having the charger set at to high a voltage and not got round to sending it back. Tried the email route but got no joy and ended up ringing them direct to get return details.

    Another recommendation is to use rockbox as an alternative firmware for your mp3 player. I used it on the Iriver and now use it on a ipod mini. It allows the ipod to be used as USB mass storage without having to use itunes and adds extra functions.
  10. my first iPod died recently (RIP bandwagon etc etc) had sad iPod face so hard drive problem. Was quoted £166 to have it fixed, it was a 20Gb. Replaced it with an 80Gb for £154! Other than repairs being expensive i can't fault it. The hard drive quitting was the first problem i'd ever had despite it getting wet, being dropped and thrown about by the kids. Nor do i have any problem with iTunes.
  11. iRiver make great stuff, my ihp-140 is now 5 years old and still going strong, its seen many a major bash bump and scrape and still goes strong. It also acts as a removable hard drive with 40Gb capacity, fantastic for storing back ups of your pc.

    Though i will also vouch for RockBox, stick that on your ipod and it will play more file formats and you never need to bother about iTunes. With RockBox it appears as a removable hard drive like my iRiver or a single USB stick.

    Though as CR points out, that creative is a rather sexual number plus does movies. Creative are known and well liked for their MP3 players and customer support on that side of their business.
  12. I'll have to disagree on that. Ditched the Ipod (battery started going after only 10 months) and grabbed an 8gb Sony N Series. Lovely little piece of kit, better sound, more features, nice video. Simply drag and drop MP3 etc via win explorer or win media player. Very chuffed.