Best most sensible American opinion on Iraq.Ever.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. There has been much talk on this subject on the BBC TV news.
    I like the comment
    'If there is an Iraq civil war the America can pull out as we have no right to be some one else's civl war.'
    For 12 months I have been saying King George has to have the Guard out of Iraq before the November elections.
    He failed and now all the excuses and recrimminations are cumming out.
    Victory has many Father Defeat is a Barstward.
  2. Bump. Nice find DD , worthy of more discussion.
  3. Question 1.
    How many Iraqis have to die in a single day/week/month for it to be 'officially' declared a 'civil war'?

    Question 2.
    Plucking one example out of a hatful, if Vietnam was not a civil war, then what the fcuk was it?

    I thought Clinton had the copyright on "cumming out" whilst in office. :)
  4. A most marvellous find, Devil_Dog! I agree with PTP - definately worth a discussion.

    Many thanks indeed!

  5. "not democratic Iraq..." "..but reasonably stable Iraq"

    Seems sensible to reframe the objective.
  6. Jonwilly only quoting what was said by Beeb.
    I also am of opinion that Iraq is in state of civil war and yes Merkator you have brought up the not polite subject of Nam.
    I have and have know many US aquantances who fought there and they where all moved painfully by the expireance.
    Now I beleive we are about to see another shoot and scoot. Once again all those who where 'Loyal' to the US regime will be 'reducated' and my personal knowlage of Arabs plus the current trend witnessed every day of throat slitting, as you would with any animal, will happen.
    Bit like when our lads pulled out of Aden.