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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LordVonHarley, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Which mobile phone is best for picking up the signal either out in the sticks.
    Now most of todays mobile phones are designed to be used in a city where there are lots of masts so the arials can be small and internal.

    I've googled this and am getting the same - Provider is king etc.

    What phones are best for picking up the signals?

  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I have found vodafone to be best - and if I were you, just wait a little longer and you will be able to get an iPhone 3Gs with Vodafone SIM without having to jailbreak it.

    Voda have also said that they will put up the prices of their other devices to beat the rest of the competition on price for iPhones.

    I am very excited, as you can tell........
  3. Getting a good signal is dependant on two parts, the carrier and the phone itself.

    In terms of the carrier believe it or not 3 has the best reception in the Uk. There is only one problem... as a company they are completely shite. I think Virgin and T-mobile service covers 99.4% of the population but again Virgin is a shite company for getting your moneys worth.

    Your best bet is to check the links to the right hand side of this site should give you a good idea of who offers best coverage in your area, then see what deals they have.

    In terms of a phone Most Nokia or LG phones offer the best reception and RF performance.
  4. I've just purchased a Samsung
    Travelled a bit lately around the country and had no problems with reception....especially around the welsh moutains.

  5. I often find myself in areas of poor reception, and find that attaching earphones improves reception.
  6. I would not recommend the LG Secret - its utter shite.
  7. seconded
  8. my sony ericsson K800i on O2 has never failed to get signal except at Blandford - where my blackberry gets signal.

    Blandford however, is known to only get vodafone.

    for army stuff I and my mates have generally found O2 to be the best.
  9. Agree on the K800I (still got mine :)). It's built like a brick shithouse too. really tough and still going strong!

    But orange is far superior up here in sunny old Catterick! Vodafone is utter shiite as are 3 and t mobile.
    02 or orange but I've had much better experience with orange.
  10. While I can only vouch for my present phone, an HTC Touch Diamond2, it does pick up better than various other(unknown models) on the same network, knowing where the AE on the phone is helps somewhat.
    On the English Welsh border, as I am, I have found Orange to give the best coverage, this also holds true in parts of the Highlands.. This is, I think for historical reasons, certainly here in Shropshire. When Cellnet and Vodaphone were the only game in town they could only be arrsed to cover the arterial routes/major centres and if your phone didn't work, tough.
    When Orange got into the game we actually got a service. The same seems to have happened elsewhere.

    There is still a huge amount of luck involved IMO and this will only ever change when we finally get network roaming in the UK.

    If you actually want the best coverage in UK, then get a phone from the an Isle of Man provider. This would give you roaming in the UK.

  11. I couldn't get Orange during my time in ITC and had to borrow a friends to phone home and whinge.
  12. Are you serious? I was up there just this morning and had nigh perfect signal. Something has changed possibly?
  13. It looks like the older phones are better at picking up a signal. I'm going to dig out some of my old Nokia phones and carry out some tests.
    Can anyone remember the ruggerdised mobile that came out about 7 years ago. it can in yellow, blue, green and was water proof. ????
  14. JCB Toughphone?

  15. Close, it had a fin ariel on top.