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Best military unit the world has ever seen?

Possibly the Viet Cong."

Now where not the Cong wiped out during the Tet Offensive, a classic case of a guerrilla army standing up and fighting a regular army and losing. Bit like IRA in 72 ?
It was the North Vietnamese Regular Army under Giap who over run South Vietnam with a conventional assault by Mechanized troops.

I am a big fan of "Selous Scouts and RLI" men who did the biz when it was required.
In their day the PAVN (NVA) were the worlds best light Inf. Blitzed with 6,000,000 tons of US HE and 400,000 tons of US Naplam, always under enemy air and arty. They suffered over 1,000,000 dead but killed 58,000 US, shot down almost 6,000 US helicopters, shot down 3,500 US fixed wing as well as killing almost 300,000 ARVN, and winning the Vietnam war.
No western Army could take that scale of punishment they took without going bust from all the PTSD pension claims.
Werewolf said:
Viking Berserkers: because sometimes NORMAL Vikings are'nt Nails enough.

Knights Templar: God's Special Forces.

Spartans: Harder than THEM, gayer than 3 Para Morters.

Huns/Mongols: Crush your enemies, see them driven before you...

Englsih/Welsh Archers; For when you absolutely, positively have to kill every last Frog on the battlefield.
That line in bold is from Conan the Barbarian!

You're no Richard Holmes, are you :D
The German FJ, or in particular Sturmabteilung Koch (or the 73 who landed on target), who captured the 'impregnable' fortress of Eban Emael garrisoned by 1500 troops.
Wessex_Man – "Daft exercise, IMO”

Totally agree on that point, so ‘Boy’s Own’ and ‘anorak’ to use a term like ‘best’ – apart from which it’s bollox 8O

”1914; Italian "Arditi" (and their equivalents in German & Allied armies) of 1914-18.”

No problem giving credit rightfully to the WWI Arditi, but ‘German and Allied’ equivalents??? The Arditi were formed after Italy entered the war following the examples seen and lessons learnt from the German Shock Troops. The Arditi were much more than a ‘me too’ Unit however, with much tougher and more stringent criteria which, ironically, was seen years later when our Army Commandos were formed. So who were the 'Allied' equivalents???

”WW2: Commandos (and their offshoots); German "Brandenburgers";”

No, no, can’t agree it’s fair to mention the two in the same breath. There was an occasion when they went head-to-head, in Albania against No.2 Cdo. The Brandenburger’s were entrenched up-hill in prepared positions and No.2 (at that time) were post Salerno – meaning yet again they had been made up to strength but unlike post St. Nazaire they had problems with Esprit de Corps. It went right to the wire and ended in hand-to-hand – which No.2 won. The Brandenbugger’s were good, but not that good. :wink:

Poacher - "The German FJ, or in particular Sturmabteilung Koch (or the 73 who landed on target), who captured the 'impregnable' fortress of Eban Emael garrisoned by 1500 troops."

But excluding the FJ who got their ARRSE's severely kicked - twice - by No.9 Cdo at Anzio. 8O :roll: :p

Royal Naval Division (1914-1919)

These guys were simultaneously sailors, marines, infantry, artillery, medics and sappers.

Once described as "the best fighting Division in the British Army" they were not know for their spit & polish but rather for being a tough and aggressive fighting force that punched well above it's weight.

The reason why it was successful was of it's unique nature of Naval personnel which meant that they were fighting the Army bias as well as the Germans, mongrels make good fighters, and these were.

The original officers were of an artistic nature but men of real ability. The factor of good leadership, fierce brotherhood/identity made the RND a force that was always highly regarded and as such was selected for many difficult tasks that are associated with being a "Storming Division", and with it the casualties also.

Their major engagements were:

Antwerp (1914)
Battle of Gallipoli (1915)
Battle of the Somme (1916)
Third Battle of Ypres (1917)

Battle Honors: Antwerp, Gallipoli, Ancre, Arras, Ypres, Welsh Ridge and Hindenburg Line.


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The Salvation Army. They go out, into the battlefields of drunken men in pubs at weekends just to spread the word. They have some tasty ladies too.

But, probably the best fighters would have to be the Apache indians. Under Geronimo and Cochise, no more than 30 of them tied up and came close to defeating a brigade of cavalry and infantry. And, had they ever allied with the finest light cavalry, the Commanche, the history of America may have been a bit changed.
Sepp Dietrich and the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler - trying to be objective here.
No.9 said:
Poacher - "The German FJ, or in particular Sturmabteilung Koch (or the 73 who landed on target), who captured the 'impregnable' fortress of Eban Emael garrisoned by 1500 troops."

But excluding the FJ who got their ARRSE's severely kicked - twice - by No.9 Cdo at Anzio. 8O :roll: :p

Or the FJ which took such heavy casualties at the hands of the ANZAC battalions in Crete that they were never used as paras again.
Impossible to answer really considering how technology has changed in 2000 years.

But by far the most efficient was the Roman Legions. Not only did they have infantry; they had cavalry, engineers, logistics & various other agencies. They were virtually unbeatable for centuries. Only the lack of unification and the power struggles of Rome put paid to them.

Much of the structure of the British Army is based on the Roman Army.
It is very subjective to say which was the best unit ever. You have to take into account size, strenghth,tactics,equipment,training,morale,effectiveness of command (including comms during a battle) amonst other things. also you have to take into account the effectiveness of the enemy. (20,000 musket weilding Redcoats beating 20,000 skirt wearing natives armed with very sharp guava halves does not make them unbeatable)
That said I would have to go with a Roman legion in the ancient world and Nelson's Royal Navy in more modern conflicts.

Deleted 20555

LancePrivateJones said:
Possibly the Viet Cong.
If history tells us anything it's "don't ever screw with the Vietnamese" everyone who tried it came off second best.

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