Best military TV series??

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by jimnicebutdim, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Mrs butDim and I were arguing the other night about the TV and were trying to decide the best British military tv series. She thinks Soldier Soldier rules, whereas i belive that Ultimate Force is best, but one of the lads at work like the navy one with the wife beater from Eastenders ("Hey Mo")

    What do you think is the best?
  2. I wondered when that berk Robson Green would be mentioned, i remember very little of Soldier Soldier, but from what I do remember it was crap. I do like Ultimate Farce, but definatly not for its realism, purely for its "action" drama value, dont go forgetting Redcap, id give her one, maybe 2 depending on how pished I am

    oh and you can tell Mrs butDim from Mrs Ucksake that she's dead right, god knows why but it must be a dorris thing
  3. Colditz
    Dads Army
    Secret Army
    Allo Allo :)
  4. Best ?Dunno maybe Soldier Soldier

    Worst was a series about fly boys in the RAF, I was in crab air at the time and the mil adviser must have been having a laugh, all the acting seemed to be lifted from a b+w film, when not "working" all the pilots wandered around in best blue uniforms and all their needs were seen to by an aging WO
  5. how could i forget Dads Army, and Blackadder goes Forth
  6. My memory could be playing tricks with me but wasn't there an original series called Redcap in the 60s? I seem to remember Edward Woodward being in it.
  7. One of the lads in the office has just shouted 'Sharpes War', followed by much derision
  8. Must be soldier soldier, I was in Germany at the time and I really loved it, even refused to stag on cos of it (not really, just emphasising...).

    I liked the series REDCAP with.... forgotten his name....

    Allo allo is a close third!
  9. although losing points for being american, i'd vote tour of duty
  10. It aint half hot mum!

    "yes sergeant major sahb"

    "whatchoo doing lovelyboy?!"
  11. Would this have been "Squadron"? I remember it from the mid '70's ish.

    Does anyone recall the original "Redcap" with John Thaw?

    Ditto Spearhead?

    Ditto "Combat" with Vic Morrow (US I know, but I loved it as a kid)?

    Ditto some Aussie mini series about Vietnam which featured an 18 yr old Nicole Kidman?

    I also liked "Piece of Cake" unrealistic but the planes were fab!
  12. John Thaw.
  13. Thank you! For some reason I thought it was Ewar Woowar.
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  14. Bilko - typical mt wallahs :)