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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boo907, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. For obvious reasons i cant go into too much detail but as young soldiers spending some time on a USAF base , we noticed the squadron colours of a bomber unit were on display in there PX ( NAAFI ) , so we pinched them and they are now unveiled secretley once or twice a year to be honoured in a British Army sergants mess. I consider this a fcuking good steal as it took a lot of preparation and if we had been caught we have been proper fcuked as the Yankee doodle dandy camp police were mardy miserable bastards who pistol whipped one of our number just for wearing a traffic cone on his head. Any other good steals ?
  2. i remember someone stealing the American Flag at Bastion on Herrick 4... feck me did that cause a stink. Never seen an RSM trying so hard to put on an angry face despite the tears of laughter building up inside... The Americans working in the HQ however... you'd swear someone shat on the flag while fisting their mother across a church alter... immense!
  3. At least they were other units' flags.

    The ultimate steal has to be nicking your own unit's brand-new, yet to be hoisted, flag - nothing like shitting on your own doorstep!

    And no, it wasn't me.

  4. was punishment swift... yet prolonged and brutal? Involving alot of marching and changing step?
  5. Aren't we supposed to steal the Colours of our enemies? Now, if you'd told me that your Mess had the Colours of the 3rd Shock Army....

  6. Another flag related incident occured whilst based at a large panzer camp in Paderborne. An Irish Calvalry regiment moved onto the canp replacing the friendly boys of 3 RTR. Our block had 3 levels. Ground level was our company admin and bar, second level was our accomadation and top floor was empty, untill the cavalry moved in. Plus they installed a flag pole almost outside our bar. Not suprisingly it got cut down and despite a thourough investigation by our CSM ( decent chap as he was ) he never solved the mystery, and the Cavalary never erected another pole.
  7. I stole the guardroom bell at SEME whilst on an equipment course. Quite impressive considering where it is! I got a few extras for that one.

    We also had a weekend at Werzberg (?) PX, and got pished. Changed the main sign on the way in to read 2RGJ LAD. I have a photo somewhere, will dig it out, scan it and put it on here.
  8. The RMP Coy responsible for Lisburn Shield, at Thiepval Bks (176 Coy maybe? IIRC) lost their unit flag in April, 1991. The morning of the discovery of the loss, coincided with the end of the final nights duty, of 52 Bty's tour. The monkey's RSM (a Coy had an RSM?) thought and (vociferously) voiced the opinion that these two events were not in fact, co-incidental.

    His chosen course of action was to arrest and detain everyone of the troop until the lost flag, reappeared. A Mexican stand-off ensued. There were many calls back to our BSM/BC etc and it was only broken when a staff officer from HQNI told the Monkey Razzer’s boss to wind it in, because men were expecting to Ex-Fil from Aldergrove, that afternoon.

    Mick Hall, I salute you.
  9. After night on the sauce in 4 of us inflitrated the RAF Club in Piccadilly looking for trophies. We nabbed a card table from the first floor and legged it down the main stairs, past an incredulous doorman, out the front door and into a taxi. Perhaps returning it to our own guardroom wasn't such a good idea - it took a while for the CO to see the funny side
  10. Jubilee Camp (is it still there?) Nicosia, quite a few years back. A certain person managed to unscrew the number plates from a UN Mercedes, UN 00001 or something like that, while it was parked outside said UN director's office.

    After much discussion whether the airport xray machine would spot them, they were stashed under the wooden board in the bottom of a holdall for the flights home and are probably still adorning the wall of a Plant Troop Office.
  11. The fucker who managed to rob £70k's worth of currency over a few weeks between MillHill and Germany they have never been caught and no it wasn't me!
  12. In Germany (around 95) we were exercising on an american camp doing some grapple training and the night before we were due to leave we decided to take the Tops car parking sign (RSM). He never cottoned on that as he British convoy was leaving we would have the sign, he was too engrossed in bollocking his own guys. (nothing compared to the others but still a minor victory)
  13. The Iraqis that managed to sneak into Basra Palace past two sets of armed guards, break into the pay office in the accomodation and get out again past the same armed guards with $800,000 were probably quite happy too.

    (We never believed it was Chogis either. I'm sure that certain members of the All Girls Corps managed to save much more than the rest of us on that tour tough...)
  14. Airport Camp Belize 1990(ish). I remember some lads unfurling a full size US Flag on the Rugby Pitch after bringing it back from an "R&R" trip to the US. Apparently it belonged to the "White House"?? It was as big as a 12x12 Tent Bag when it was folded up.

    I remember there was a bit of a stink about it, but cant remember what the result was??

    Can anyone remember this incident????
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    And the septics call us the 'borrowers' . . . . weeeeeell, not exactly me old redneck, we're actually borrowing on the never never . . . ever.

    Is there any truth in the old tale of a septic coke wagon getting stolen, to much uproar from our foreign cousins? Allegedly, it was during an exercise, and the yanks threatened to stop play until it was returned.