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Discussion in 'Officers' started by diffg88, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Morning. I have recently passed AOSB. On one of my visits it was recommended that I study leadership as a subject before RMAS. I was wondering if anyone had read any particularly good leadership books they would recommend, or I suppose any related reading they would recommend before RMAS.

    Any particular favorites?

    I have already copied the extracts of Serve to Lead which I found on the site.

    Cheers for the help guys!
  2. dockers

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  3. Purple_Flash

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  4. Platoon Leader - A Memoir of Command in Combat is a very good autobiogrphical account of a US Platoon Commander's experience in Vietnam. Very readable and can be digested in a couple of days if you want to intersperse reading 'textbook' leadership with practical memoirs.
  5. Wordsmith

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  6. If you can find, try to get "Slim, Master of War" to accompany Defeat into Victory - it places the sheer magnitude of Slim's task in context.

    Small Unit Leadership is good, although a little rigid - intelligent application of the principles contained within would be best.

    "One Bullet Away" isn't a leadership book per se, however it does off interesting insights into how one man lead his troops.

    Without wishing to nick Slim's best idea, I would suggest that "leadership is just plain you"; any book you read can only inform your base characteristics, not replace them.
  7. Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War by Mark Bowden.

    No, really. Everyone who aspires to some sort of leadership (from section level up) should read it. Just to see how one operation can turn into a complete and utter fustercluck and the morale of supposedly elite troops ("Acknowledging the fact that a Ranger is a more elite soldier...") can completely collapse.

    It's also a pretty short read and actually interesting. Congratulations on passing Main Board as well. In before the changes to the Officer career path?
  8. 18 Platoon - Sidney Jary
  9. Thanks very much for all of your help so far, much appreciated! I will have to get myself straight down to the library on the weekend!

    Yes I'm down for January so will beat the changes I think. As a 22 year old graduate I'm not sure exactly how it will effect me apart from the non-grads will be getting the same wage.
  10. Schaden

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    Lead by example, do not ask anyone to do anything you cannot or are not prepared to do yourself, treat others in a way which you would like to be treated, don't be a ****.

    it's not rocket science boyo.
  11. 'On the Psychology of Military Incompetence'.

    A very instructive book for around a tenner on Amazon.
  12. Agreed - that is a cracking little book about the realities of commanding a platoon in war.
  13. The Biggest Brother Dick Winters was a excellant leader of men.

    John Del Vecchio and Philip Caputo are worth reading, they write about a war their nation lost apparently.
  14. msr

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  15. If you can find a copy of his other autobiog, Slim's Unofficial History is also a readable, and worthwhile number.

    If you bear with me, my wife recently did Leadership as a module in her Master's degree in Nursing: I think she's got a number of soft copy articles and links on the subject.

    I'll post what I can on here: won't be back home till Monday, so hope there's no great hurry.