Best Microfibre Travel Towel

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. I have heard the new Snugpak towel is good but any other pointers to a good quick drying towel ?
  2. If you get any micro fibre towel, wash it throughly before trying to use it. They don't seem to work properly unless you do that first.
    The alternative is to use a fleece jacket instead. I've done that and I just hang it on the back of my pack to dry.
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    The Snugpak towel is relatively new to the market, Lifeventure products tend to be the market leaders in terms of trek towels etc, you pay a bit more as the quality is better.
  4. I've used the life venture towels and they are good. At the moment I'm using a Yank PX special... there tends to be 2 main types, Micro fibre and "shammy" the Yank one takes a little longer to dry. Again, I'd heard these are issued for Ops?
  5. Another vote for the Life Venture towels, I've been using them for years,the newer ones are s'posed to be better with the micro-biological properties.
  6. Now in the Black Bag for Ops and to replace the old Green nasty to recruits in due course - green microfibre travel towel in small and large, with anti-microbial properties.

    Like all travel towels they rather feel like you're spreading the water around at first but you get used to them. They're certainly better than the shammy ones.
  7. WAH shield on....

    I just keep using it then wash it when I can.... never had any dramas...

    WAH shield off....