Best medic backpack?

Hi all,

Looking to buy a medic specific backpack, and hunting around for opinions as to the best one to buy. For useage, I'm looking at a (mainly) trauma bag for the dis-mounted role as part of a small team.

I have seen the Blackhawk STOMP II and Special Ops ones, and the London Bridge Trading Company Jumpable Medical Pack looks good too. Any others I've missed, and what do you guys think of them if you've used them?

Thanks, JP
SORD Australia (Tm) Strike Pack II


miles better than the Australian issue medical kit, and you can fit a lot more medical gear onto it too making the best of any situation and the Molle attachments makes it easier for any loadout, cannot recommend this backpack enough!

The Mark One Godfrey Bag gets my vote.......................


I don't know how qualified you are with first aid or as a medic so please don't take this the wrong way.

You need a bag or pack that will hold the gear you can competently and practically use. I did a long course years back and we [officially] stopped just short of intubation. However, when we all put our kits together one of our number insisted on sticking in a complete laryngoscope with assorted blades - totally bloody useless item in his kit that he was never ever going to use. With first aid / BLS / ALS / TCCC whatever you want to call it the best, metaphorically, is to walk and not run - to use a Spam'ism "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast".

These may give you a couple of ideas:

Chinook Medical Gear, Inc - Your Source for Medical Kits, Tactical Medic Combat Care Products, Emergency First Aid Supplies including hemostatic, personal protection, coiled iv, tourniquets, evacuation and more!

Exmed - Global leaders of medical equipment supply, medical support and training.

I have met with a couple of these blokes, they are ex US SF 18D's (Special Forces Medics). Their site has some interesting bits and some nice informative video links:

Home - Tac Med Solutions Store
I've used the Black hawk STOMP.

Its gucci but over engineered,

As effendi says, go with what you need, the Stomp has all the bells and whistles storage for intubation and shit loads more. But unless you are a "high end" medic, you don't need it

Its really well organised, but I found its best use to be when you can plonk it down and pop out its compartments in a more controlled manner.

I think what I'm saying is, its probably better suited in the back of the MERT than on the ground.

The godfrey style of bag is underated, obviously in funkier material and more modern contents

I have however got a shiny new one available, never dropped or bled on if you want to try before you buy, drop me a PM
Have you tried looking through Galls.

Police Gear - Police Equipment - Police Uniforms - Public Safety Equipment: Galls

Might be a bit old hat now, and a bit short of what you are looking for, but I got a great "roll down bumbag" from here years ago that has seen some service and is still going strong. I haven't bought any kit from them for years, but never had any complaints about what I have got from them.
I might float the blackhawk stomp as an auction item. Have a look see what you think
Stomp is supposed to be nice.

I'll give you a link with an explanation. ADS was primarily founded out of a dive shop that supplied some specialist gear to the US Navy SEAL's. It has grown into a vast operation supplying to lots of military needs...........they offer what can best be described as the ultimate toy catalogue for soldiers.

Go to page top right and clicky clicky on REQUEST A CATALOG. You are then presented with a selection of downloadable catalogs..........including a NSN version, enjoy:

Operational & Tactical Equipment: Kitting & Assembly, Logistics Solutions, ECWCS Tactical Clothing | ADS, Inc. | 800.948.9433
Blackhawk Special Ops Medical pack,

Its what i had on Herrick 11/12 and all the PDT and subsequent ranges, ex, med cover. I have a STOMP 2 tried it went back to the SF pack. Its just the right size for dismounted patrols with room for a water bladder and other patrol kit. I did a 8 day dismounted op living it and by belt kit, i could still squeeae in a jungle doss bag and a softy jacket. It is defo a no frills pack but still has molle loops to add more pouches.

BLACKHAWK! Special Ops Medical Back Pack - BLACKHAWK!

and someone has posted a review on youtube as well.

YouTube - ‪BlackHawk Special Operations Medical Back Pack Part 1‬‏

I second that. Blackhawk Spec Ops Medical Pack has my vote. Served me well when I did some volunteer medical work abroad and when I go on TA excerises as a CMT.

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