Best Mate


I was sorry to hear about the death of Best Mate yesterday, as I've always loved horses. In fact, right now I'm particularly keen on a tasty horsemeat salami I brought back from France at the weekend: tasty; nutritious; and full of equine goodness. Still, looking on the bright side, there's going to be some premium quality dogfood knocking around now :D
I could post a fantasy of mine, involving gripper rod, a stanley knife, an erection and a field full of horses... but that would be the old childish me so I won't
I think mighty racehorses deserve Viking funerals, where we burn the noble nag, after basting it in some olive oil and fresh herbs.

Then we all queue up politely with bread rolls, baked spuds, tomato relish and a naughty little Chianti and tuck into dobbin.


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