Best mate going on tour. what to get him b4 he goes!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sarajd, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi my best mates going on tour start of march. i have no clue what to get him that will be useful over! any of you guys got any ideas? what would you want xxx thanks
  2. Life Insurance :roll:
  3. Wank sock
  4. A nice coat and matching hat made from the skin off your back. I'd also like a keepsake to take away with me - your eyes in a jar maybe.
  5. depends on where he going and what job he will be doing. If he is going to the COB in Basra or Camp Bastion then most of his munchie needs and magazines etc are available there.

    Top needs:
    Porn, although remember that it is illegal for him to take this in to the operational theatre if it is Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Yep, that just about it.
  6. I thought there was a no touching rule when on tour.
  7. What about pictures of yourself stark naked playing and using various toys in all orifices. You must i repeat must post them here first for validation.
    I thank you

  8. [Wah shield]
    Cor Blimey never heard that before
    [/Wah shield]
  9. No more, No less - toss admin kit. A couple of Mags, vaseline and a dream catcher (sock).
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Anal sex. On him. Use your biggest vibrator, of failing that, a marrow. It will ensure he is ready for when the 'rough lads' take him out to play.
  11. I can't believe that nobody has picked up on this, but men, buying presents for other men, for any reason is just wrong and means that you're filed und 'Raving Hermer'

    If you're a young lady, which I can imagine you would be having signed off your post with kisses, I would suggest the best present before he leaves would be to let him have a go on your boobs.

    He'll thank you for it.

  12. LOL yeah i am a girl lol but that gifts not happeing xx
  13. Buy him a bag of builders sand mixed with grit. A vessel filled with the smell of human faeces and unwashed stone age dwelling men will also add to the mix.

    Voila, an instant Afghanistan experience before deployment.
  14. How about a shot of your chebs?
    To hold close to his heart