Best mans foot in it!

Went to a wedding yesterday and all was going well until the dreaded best man speach.

" I wish the Bride and Groom all the luck in their furture, and for a long and happy marriage. It only has to be longer than 10 minutes to beat Sarah's(Brides sister) record".

Cue 1 times crying, 2 week seperated hysterical sister storming out and one very pissed off Brides Dad.

Whats the best/worst Best mans speach you have heard?
My father would have been proud to stand here today upright between us both. Poor cunt is just there though after to many bottles of port! say we drown him and call it suicide.

My brothers trap off when i did the dirty deed.

To be fair, he was wankered, as was i come the mid session port a thon
My dad said I was "too pretty to give away so he was going to mount me on the sideboard"! My sainted grandmother looked like she'd shat in her pants! That's what he gets for not writing anything down!

And before you start, he's welsh and therefore has a different perception of what constitutes 'pretty'!


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I've heard the groom say that the first time he met his bride she just blew him away. He would have got away with it too had there not been a very dirty laugh from one of the guests...
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