Best/Luckiest Find Youve Ever Made

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ritch, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. Reading this story about two Aussie boys who found $100,000 while out fishing - Story Here - it made me think about the best thing you've ever found.

    Mine has to be the 15 or so 'Gentleman's' magazines I discovered halfway through an underground play tunnel in the local park when I was a nipper. Kept me in w@nk material for a good three months before I got bored of it.

    So, any finds that in your opinion, were the best things you could ever find?
  2. A well known pizza business (DDD) delivered 2 cold ones to my address. 1 hour later got a call from business - 'Can you check outside your door as delivery boy has lost his purse'. On opening front door, large purse containing €300 - a full night's takings. Best compo I've ever received.
  3. this lot

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  4. Best find ever was on a mobile vcp on the monagh bypass - 12 cans of guenious and a bottle of bells all wrapped up in a bin liner with £80 of £1 notes. not a bad night rounded of by drives finding det caps in a well known scrotes ice cream van....
  5. Not exactly all my finds ... but was involved ...





  6. Found £180 in a pub in Tunbridge Wells, total bonus as I was totally skint.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Is that Crete?
  8. This was a 'good' find ... arrse twitchy, but good!




    ... but I also found a quid the other day ... which was nice!
  9. First post was all Afghanistan (Herat), second was from South Lebanon.
  10. £300 sticking out of an ATM at Limehouse station. Result!
  11. I lost 180 quid in T Wells a while ago.Can I have it back please?
  12. 1986 in bootle liverpool..
    had left the army and was totaly skint..
    suppose we all were when we left..
    was given a old wardrobe fronm a charity place to start filing gaps in house..
    no mirror in bathroomm..
    take mirror from wardrobe..

    errr mother..
    arrr these real??

  13. I was in Portugal.Near a tapas bar,by some holiday apartments.I still have my find to this day.
  14. Luckiest find i ever had was when i found my car key, which had dropped off the back of a Jet Ski, into large patch of seaweed in 3 ft of murky english water!! The car key was black on a black fob!! Area was in the middle of no-where 50 miles from home. found the key after 2 hours, just as i was deciding to do the passenger window and get to wallet & phone to get Taxi back to house for spare key which would have cost about £60 in a taxi and the price of a window!! that was lucky!!
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    haven't you broken it yet?