Best Looking Uniforms

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. Just discussing this with a fellow ARRSEr and we both are fairly agreed that the best looking uniform ever was the Waffen SS - modelled thus though..............


    Anyone got any other suggestions/choices? :twisted: :D
  2. Anything modelled by 29Coy WRAC(circa 1984-87)
    Catwalk styling of OG's
    Figure hugging lightweights

  3. Perhaps but I prefer the Israelis, they seem to have outlasted the Waffen SS, ironic really.

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  4. When Mr Petite knows I am really hacked :evil: off with him, he has been known to come home in his grow bag type flying suit - as this for some mad reason that I will never understand :? (as I really don't have a thing about men in uniforms) always proves to be the quickest way to thaw out what would have been a very icey reception!!!!!!!!!!

    What an complete coward and cheat eh ( oh sod it who's complaining!) :lol:
  5. I agree with Hilter, the SS uniform... well can't be denied it was striking, probably striking you in the face you swine!!!

    That looks shite bennet, you're confusing uniforms with good looking burds.
  6. Ok then take out the fact that women look good in tailored jackets

    And you get this, very smart isn't he. :evil:

    Not quite as appetising, but he does have the second best cap badge in history (best being the QRL (I know it is called a "Battle honour”))

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  7. Bennet, you're a freak!
  8. Think you are missing the point of this thread, Bennett, you twonk.

    Try good looking babes in sharp uniforms, not good looking babes in a bonk uniform.
  9. I want to be in the Israeli army!

    Anyone else thinking about the IDF and SS girl having a lesbian orgy? Or is that just me?
  10. Some good irony there dan-man!!!
  11. RAF women in thEir winter uniform. Saw some crackers whilst at an RAF unit.
  12. Piccies? :p
  13. 8O
    Would be well worth betraying the glorious Soviet Union to suffer an interrogation like that!
  14. The best uniform for looking godlike has to be the black coveralls of the RTR!
    In terms of tottie in uniform the negative end of the scale has to be 90% of women wearing C95....howl at the moon bitches!