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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Deep swimmer, Oct 27, 2004.

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  1. I've just joined the ETS and the women are (on the whole) pretty good looking. Which cap badge has the best looking girls? I don't think it's the SPS (sorry, but it's the trtuth!). Signals aren't bad and neither are medics.
    And sigs definatley
  3. And some of the worst :cry:
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  5. The Rose and Laurel - Some hellishly fine little fillies - some damn awful ones as well though! :D :D
  6. Don't Rangers lead the way??? Hoooaaahh!!! 8O
  7. What? a rocking horse! Gee up!! :wink: :wink:
  8. That's only because you get off on Aprons, Starch and chicks

  9. i agree with Sigs, i knew a signaller once she was nice! we were both recruits at ATR Bassingbourne at the same time, i knew here from AFS. she was nice.

    and also there was an extremely nice pyshio down at the MRS to, i think she was a civilian though.....

    Mind you some of the women do suffer a little bit from "Tank bum" (no offence) but its true
  10. That's Cpl Rippers avatar. For R Sigs see:

    Anyway, it's what cap badge has the best flange 8O
  11. I know its of the beaten track but the RAF have a lot of good looking women even in uniform. :!:
  12. Royal Corps of Signals - but yeah also full of some right dog ruff bints, i should know - shagged enough of 'em.


  13. RAF!?! I have to work on a RAF Station and they are all still ugly after 10 pints.

    Best have to be in Int, althought there are some monsters to bring us back to the average.