Best London Pubs

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. I've just come back from a jolly jaunt across the capital, and think there's room for an arrse compendium of decent boozers.

    To start:

    Seven Stars, Carey St, WC1: medieval, tiny, decent ales, exceptional scoff.

    Cheshire Cheese, Fleet St: 17thc, touristy, sam smith's, fantastic Victorian chop house. Haunted.

    Marquess of Cornwallis, Bethnal Green Rd: free cockles and mussels on weekends, topless lady boxing. Fantastic sign in Bengali in lavs dissuading locals from sh1tting on the seat.
  2. Why was this one not chosen as the venue for the last London Crawl ??
  3. Many years ago the Bag 'O' Nails at Victoria used to be pretty good.
  4. Ye old northwood in northwood: naked ladies good beer, polite staff and £10 for a behind the bandit special.
  5. The White Hart, Dury Lane
  6. Roadhouse in covent garden. No idea why, i'm always wasted by the time we get there, but every london beer call i've been on in recent years has ended there!
  7. Prince Albert, Albert Bridge Road used to be good, as was the Chelsea Potter
  8. Hole in the Wall at Waterloo, especialy on the way home after an international at Twickenham! Always seemed to be a crackin` atmosphere.
  9. The Twickenham Tup on International days at Twickenham

    The Magpie near Liverpool Street Station, proper old man's pub love it :D
  10. Sorry mate, 'decent boozers' and Sam Smiths do not go together. In fact any sentence with the words Sam Smiths is an anachronism.
  11. Nothing special now though :(

    Harp in Covent Garden; Ye Old Mitre in Ely Place and the Nags Head in Kinnerton Street are up there with the best.
  12. Not keen on the Chelsea Potter - round the corner in Flood Street is the Coopers Arms - much nicer. Also the Duke of Wellington in Eaton Terrace is good.
  13. The Coopers Arms is lovely but a little more expensive than other pubs for wine

    I like the Old Dr Johnson's Head (somewhere near The Guildhall)
  14. Nags head for me.
  15. The White Ferry House, Sutherland St was handy for waiting the kit in the laundrette