Best kit (Tent) to replace Basha

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Wayfarer, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I do my Bravo course next week and hopefully will be passed off, I'm told that I'll pretty much never have to sleep under a shitty Basha ever again or at least will have the pleasure of one to myself!

    Anyway, has been hinted at that you can invest in a decent one-man that will fit in your Bergan, interested to hear everyones thoughts and suggestions at what is on offer out there, I had a look at the Snugpak option which looked fairly cool but doubt there is room to fit your kit in there with you, another one I saw was an Exped Vela Extreme which looked the dogs but couldn't see one that was entirely/green black which is obviously important.

    Anyway, any helpful replies or suggestions are appreciated. I also have a question on boots but shall stick that in the correct forum!

  2. Never believe that BS my friend and always carry a poncho, poles and bungees/pegs...can't do much admin from a bivvy bag.....however, the hooped bivi is the way to go if you can be sure of a remf like existence... but by then you'd have a 9 x 9 at least.

    You can make a good tentlike shelter with the poles.

    Web-tex Extendable Bivi Basha Pole Webtex Cadet Army TA on eBay!

    The Bivi Bag Experience

    Hooped Bivy Bag Advice Please - OUTDOORSmagic Forum Messages
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  3. Hi Nato,

    Thanks for the info and speedy reply, likelihood is many more sleepless nights under the damn thing then aye? Was never going to replace it, have all my shelter kit in the top of my bergan, would be nice to have a Gucci option that fits inside it though for when circumstances permit! ;o)

    I'm signals so generally REMF, not so much as other cap badges maybe, but I do enjoy my basic soldiering and inf skills also so I appreciate the comment about admin!
  4. The Kit Reviews section has a good write up on a one man tent, I would put the link in but not doing the work for you
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  5. Hey Boxy, cheers for the heads up I'll have a look there now.
  6. As I'm inf I can really comment on your training, but you really shouldn't be able to get away with using a tent on exercise during phase one. Even once you've passed out you really shouldn't be using them as its bad drills. Just stick with your issued basha, and has been mentioned, get some basha poles if you really want to make it more 'homely'.
  7. You're signals, all you will need is a credit card to pay for the hotel room.

    You won't need Ally tents stuck in a Brigade headquarters, the SQ will provide a 12X12.

    The tent may come in handy for adventure training but as you are a STAB, there is no money for AT, so don't bother.
  8. I was just reading a review on those Terra Nova's written by a Para, they sound excellent, he sold it very well!
  9. What is a Bravo course ?

    I have a millets pop up tent that I throw in the back of my rover, its about 4' diameter packed so useless for my bergan. Its mainly to replace those god awful ridge tents that still get issued and take longer to put up than the cam net.

  10. I managed to get the Laser for £150 which was an absolute bargain, it weighs about 1 kilo and is easy to put up etc. The only downside I had with it was the pegs were too flimsy and kept popping out so I bought some bigger ones.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    How do you enter when it's got no door to kick in ?
  12. Linear Cutting Charge.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    That's not how he usually does it.
  14. Not everyone can be a Sapper. Just accept your place in life.
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