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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. over ten years ago I was given a large roll of self lubricating nylon thread (much thicker than standard cotton) to make some covers for the red cross on the unit ambulance.

    It came in a roll 1500 meters long, made by Barbours with the Ref H1946. It has a 20KG breaking strain and is absoloutely brilliant.

    I have used it for sewing Bergens, webbing, clothing, vehicle covers as comms cord, everything.

    After 10 years I still have half a roll left. Of all the seemingly silly things you can get which are completely brilliant this has to be about the best. It just does everything and never seems to run out.

    Any other candidates for brilliant but very simple kit?

  2. The original clasp knife - still available on NSN i think, but rare as rocking horse sh1te. The expense one you can get is arrse, made from cheap steel and doesnt hold an edge.
  3. A roll of cotton is brilliant? 8O
  4. I still have my original Belize sewing kit, 20 years vafter I was issued it, complete with 100m l;ength of green cotton, strong enough to bungee from. I use it to sew up the labia of women who have spurned me (there are a lot) and if they're doubly lucky I sew up their mouths and eyes, Cnuts.
  5. Have you ever asked yourself this question?
    Why has the Army only entrusted me to sewing stuff?
    What a fun exciting trustworthy individual you must be. Try getting out and enjoying life and maybe you might even one day find a special friend. Not one who exists in your imagination..............
  6. Harry maskers, without doubt.
    Will fix a broken lanny/chally/aircraft!!.....................

    And keep the lady in the boot of my Nissan Sunny subdued until i come up with a suitable method of disposal.
  7. What about the weapon system that worked.............
  8. Are you experiencing a particularly heavy period this month or something? Or just cruising for a slap. Wind your neck in and go annoy someone else you cross dressing little tart.

  9. Its the only thing the Army ever gave me that didn't break or wear out.

  10. What do you sew alll your badges on with?

    You must have lots and lots.
  11. My thoughts exactly mate!
  12. Wow, this must be the best thread ever!
  13. I thought the best thread ever was currently hanging from a Gallows in Baghdad... ?
  14. Yes i do lots and lots of sewing.

    sewing my seed into your mum.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Fallys back on form, hangover gone yet?