Best kit acquired from foreign forces

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortarms, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Whats the best kit you've acquired on tour from other armed forces?

    On most tours I have wiped the USMC eyes for various gucci kit, the best bit of kit was a $1000 surefire torch for a brown issue t-shirt.
    He is probably sat looking at that brown t-shirt crying his eyes out, too be fair he made bubba shrimp look like a member of Mensa.

    His loss Hols4hreoes gain.:)

    So whats the best kit you swapped/robbed of gullible cunts?
  2. Pair of these:


    Nomex pilots gloves (brand new in packet). Swapped with a US Black Hawk pilot for 4 variety packs of Kit Kats - original, orange and mint. Apparently in the US you can only get the original ones and they were utterly fixated on our flavoured ones.

    Nice crew, did loads of swapsies with us, and did a 1 mile drag race down the runway, Evo 9 vs Black Hawk. Evo won but it was a good watch.
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  3. Going the other way, the Spams seem to have lifted a lot of Harriers from us for in return for a F-35 that doesn't work...

    Is that the same as the Gucci torch for a sweaty T-shirt?
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  4. Tube of condensed milk from POLISH GROM ( Polish equivalent of our SBS) ration Kit

    US Cot (still.......
    cool got a spare too if anyone needs one)

    Also the Humvee that we pinched in Iraq 2003 was quite good for a bit........ up untill we realised it was sh*t and gave it back!!


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  5. When I was at Incirlik (Op Warden), I used to do a roaring trade with US Kit vs. Hexamine Stoves & Blocks.

    The best thing I got and used was the old DPM pattern Poncho. Light, waterproof and non-rip fabric. The whole thing folded away into fuck-all wet or dry.

    I got some of D_P's gloves too, but I don't rate them any better than GB aviator gloves.
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I swapped a fire extinguisher for a Chinese ceremonial AK bayonet. It's fucking huge, about 2ft long and very cool. Unfortunately I lost it in a drunken bet with a mate who now has it hanging on his wall.

    Similar to this but mine didn't come with a scabbard:

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  7. Was that with 2 platoon, A company, Birmingham Black Hawk Detachment, Army Cadet Force?
  8. You must be the funny one round here.

    In fact, it was with a bunch called SHAPE who were rather charming gentlemen. The helicopter was also rather nice as it was used solely for carting around VIPs to important meetings so all the regular troop carrying fittings had been ditched in favour of 2 very comfortable leather armchairs and chequer-plate covering every remaining bare surface, and some very cool fold out steps that made getting in a bit easier.

  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    A Buck lock knife for 4 cans of cider to a US Marine in Mayport. Carried for years (in uniform). I had to hand it in on a visit to the Houses of Parliament and forgot to pick it up on the way out.
  10. Without sounding a bit thick and may have missed a mahoosive thread, has anyone found out if Dinosaur_poo is that dullard TRBD?

    I love the way he (D_P) attempts to talks-the-talk but only ever posts Google Stock photos as some tenuously linked 'proof'
  11. All the following I got from members of the USMC based at RAF Edzel, home of the USAF 17th Space Surveillance Squadron. An RAF base, manned by the US Navy on behalf of the USAF.

    I got a set of Woodland Gortex waterproofs (in the days that we were issued the boil in the bag nylon shite) for my issue TOS with capbadge.

    A pair of Magnum cordura boots in exchange for a threadbare "SAS" windproof that has seen much better days.

    A set of proper thermal underwear for a couple of tartan recognition flashes and an Highland Division HD patch.

    Infact, the list is pretty much endless! They would swap anything for something "Scottish" or Special Forces. When the Royal Marines from Condor just down the road came up to play they would bring a 110 full of kit to swap.
  12. does anyone give two shits?
  13. Never really swapped much appart from the usual t-shirts and stuff for MREs.

    However, I did manage to sell a spare cap badge to some bubba gump yank for $100 during GW1 which I thought was rather spiffing!

  14. Some might
    Some might not