Best Kebab ever................. IMHO.


during my 4 years lving in the Middle East, it has been my duty to report on weird things, weird people & unusual happenings.

Another part of my daily quest is to find the best Schawarma (Kebab), I've tried a few from all over the middle east.

They were originally a poor persons food, as the very are cheap & very filling.
But they now have an iconic status in sandy-land and queues of a hundred people are not uncommon at the very best street schawarma vendors.

And now I think I have found the best, ever.

The grillery is situated in an awful shopping mall in Doha, not 5 mins mad driving dash from my current place of work, I restrict my largeness to just 1 per week, on Thursdays in prep for the weekend.


Here is the kebab in all its glory, ready to feed the masses.
*Note it is made from chicken breast meat stacked & Interspersed with chillies & spices.


This is Suresh, he is most important man, he is manager for grillery, he take orders & ensures big quality & quantity is maintained.
Suresh is now a friend, of sorts, he gives me discount & I talk to him as if he was a normal person.

Now then, a "proper" Schawarma is served in flat bread rolled up, pretty much like in the UK. In M.E. the price for a rolled schawarma is around 6 riyals, = £1.oo.

But, one should ask for a Schawarma plate, this way you can make your own rolls:


And this costs 22 riyals, with a drink inlcuded (£5.60 - ish), with my discount I get it for 20 riyals, a saving of £ 0.34 pence, well worth the bullshit chat with Suresh.


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That's three minutes of my life I won't get back.

I prefer Doner.

Kebabish, Sheffield does the best Kebab's for miles.


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My local is pretty special I have to say.

It's a weird fusion of Indian and Middle Eastern. They will serve your usual elephant's foot in a pitta if required and they also have a large selection of curries, but the real treat on the menu is the chicken tikka kebab served in fresh naan. They have a traditional clay tandoor and all the meat is cooked in there. They also hand make the bread and bake that in the clay oven too, the downside to this is that it takes about 20 minutes to get your scran, but the wait is well worth it. The salad counter is legendary with about 20 different types of veg to decorate your kebab with, including olives, beetroot, grilled aubergine etc.

A large tikka kebab comes in at £4, if you are ever in town check it out, not withstanding the shit review on this link:

Karahi Master, 221 West End Lane London NW6 1XJ - Pakistani Restaurant in London

It does look good, but it can't beat Bordon Kebabs!

Burritos?!!! Hector, when did you turn into Jarrods love-sock?
The most important thing with a kebab is the carry. The kebab must be carried at arms length so that it dangles naturally around the knee. The paper should be open and spread wide to pick up the spill of a walk that takes you from one side of the pavement and back again in three steps. The kebab is occasionally brought up to around eye level whereupon the whole face is thrust into the vagina-like orifice in front of you. The kebab is then consumed with as much residual dropping of 'salad' as possible, pause only to look at passing bird and ask for snog. Don't forget to leave empty pitta stuck to windscreen of random parked car with wrappers placed on bonnet of said car. Wake up in morning with a red mess smeared all round your gob and too scared to lick it because you forgot you had kebab last night.
The best GYROS from an Imbiss I ever had was the one on the main dual carriageway outside Roberts Kaserne in Osnabruck.............lush....right next to Sparkasse bank
The Gyros here, are damned good!..............The only other thing I prefer, is Currywurst! :grin:


Ramsays Grill (on the corner of Thames Street) Windsor.

Carlsberg don't make kebabs, but if they did....


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Kebabs are old news..

2 of these and a bottle of Sol..


Uber gay.

No wonder you need two of the *******, it's basically just a salad in a flat pancake. Salad is for decoration and girls only, how are you supposed to pick the gherkins out of that and stick them to shop windows?
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The slowness of ARRSE really, really pisses me off when it happens!
You should know Herr Lardmeister ;-0

Even though I had 9 years of taste testing in Traz I was still a racing snake and still won the REME Champs, 23 years have taken there toll and the body is about f*cked and twice the size but the sad thing is Im still doing faster BFPA's than 90% of the youngsters even after over a decade of Warsteiner, Currywurst and GYROS under my ever increasing ARTE ET MARTE belt.

By the way good to see your still alive 24A, have you left now???

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