Best Job In The Royal Artillery?????????????????????????

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by mickey789, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Hello all, I am currently serving in the REME and I am considering transferring, If I was to join the Royal Artillery then what job would you recommend? Which are good for promotion and also are the artillery on low or high pay band or is that job related???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!!!
  2. AS90 track pad. Must be willing to travel, and work under pressure
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  3. Spanish_Dave

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    DRA gets a good package, however I would suggest Guns first, then Sigs, then OP's
  4. My job is the best, and no, you cant have it.
  5. Sorry what's DRA??? Also what job do you do warrior8234mkII? Don't mind travelling and can work under pressure!!! Had many a boss who was a d**k and always on your case, gettin updates every minute!!!! haha
  6. AAGF


    Gun Plank and then work your way up ...
  7. Question mark operator, 3 rounds fire for effect.
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  8. Operator, Lynx.

    You can stick DRA. That's a non job if ever there was...
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  9. What level are you now? what are you interested in (militarily)?

    If you want an arduous job, there will be roles. Technical likewise. Closer to infantry - same.

    Think about the mix of equipment too - guns (AS90 or Lt Gun), Air Defence (Rapier and HVM), UAS (Desert Hawk, Hermes 450 soo Watchkeeper), STA (radar, sound ranging etc), command post type roles - signals, C2 etc. FSTs - Fire Support Teams (used to be the FOO and the OP).
  10. currently a lance corporal maxed out on level 9, didn't promote off the board this year so now seriously considering transferring to RA. I don't mind hard work and whats the following jobs like? Gunner Observation Post, Gunner Special Observer, or I am considering 29 Cdo Regt.

    Any idea if I would have to start from scratch in terms of rank and what would happen to my pay? Would it get cut or would I stay on same wage?
  11. You need to speak to the Gunner recruiters. You may be able to transfer into a pinch point trade and keep your rank and pay. It may be a difficult transder, depending how long the transfer takes in regards to trade training. You don't mention what trade you are at the moment, but the crossover might take 3 months or it might take more. You could volunteer for 29 or 4/73 (anyone can do that - any cap badge).
  12. Mickey---- I don't know If this helps. You can apply to do the Special observers course as you are.
    Check out the din on ArmyNet or better yet if your close enough pop over to 5 Reg. Go to 4/73 and speak to the BSM direct. Sounds alittle bone. But the man is Gen, top bloke. If your interested or just curious he'll give you a normal recruiting shite, then the the WHOLE brief. So you can make your own decision. If you fail/injured or whatever at least you can fall back on trade.
    Transfers from Reme are taking a fair bit of time (tried already).
    The course is run twice a year. 13 wks and "arduous". Good luck

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    Collateral damage spokesman?
  14. what is the trade of royal artillery? thanks.
  15. Light Gunner