Best Job in the Armed Forces.

What service is the best job in?

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Ok, bone post (probably). I've been watching the threads and people all seem to think their job/regiment is the mutts nuts. Personally I want to join the RLC as a Pet Op, whilst other friends want to join RAC or Infrantry. It got me thinking about what is THE best job across all 3 services? Is there one job that is the one everyone envies? I don't intend for this post to be 'opening season' for baiting/slagging of other regiments etc but no doubt we will see some :) I've added the Gurkhas as well as they have operated with us for God knows how long and I believe the job of a QGO has to be somewhere near the Top Ten best jobs in the Armed Sevices.
RAF Aircrew!Lets face it,they swan about all day in a growbag,pretending they're Tom Cruise in Top Gun (Yes,I know it's a bit gay,but so are the Navy!lol) flying off on det to some sunny holiday resort like Nevada for Red Flag & get paid oodles for the privalage! Or be a RAF Armourer (like I was) because as when someone said that the RAF did'nt need Armourers,I pointed out that without us,It'd be the biggest,most expensive flying club in the world!
stabandswat said:
Because they aren't actually part of the British Army.
Exactly what Army are they a part of then? How is the Brigade of Gurkhas not part of the British Army?
The Gurkhas have never ever been part of the British Army. The are a complete independent Army from us actually belonging to the Nepalese. They were involved in battle against us many years ago and eventually they fought alongside us.

Edited to add:

My information for this comes from a video I watched the other day about the history of the Gurkha. They serve under our rules and terms of service but are in fact Nepalese soldiers.
But could I have joined the Nepalese Army? If not, the poll option seems a bit redundant.
Anya1982 said:
stabandswat said:
Because they aren't actually part of the British Army.
The golden spoon goes to you! Very intelligent lad there :wink:
Then why all the fuss about paying their pensions? Shouldn't this be between them and their Army?

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