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The French Foreign Legion thing got me thinking about serving in another country's armed forces. I had a look at this Wikipedia article: List of militaries that recruit foreigners - Wikipedia

I'm eligible for the French Foreign Legion, as well as the Russian Armed Forces. Ultimately, the main reason why people want to serve in the military is to see some action; the Russian Federation has expressed interest in sending ground troops to Syria.

Do you reckon that members of the Russian Army stand a better chance of combat deployment that the British Army within the next 5 years? Does anyone know anything about life in the Russian Army? I'm not currently interested in it, but out of curiosity, does the Special Operations Forces recruit directly from the civilian population, or from existing contracted military personnel?


PS: Sorry if this is a bit off-topic for a British military website. Hopefully this sincere apology's enough to prevent mods from deleting this. xD
(Wah shield down). Are you serious about the Russians? They don't give a shit about their own people, let alone foreigners! Research Dedovschchina: Dedovshchina - Wikipedia - and it's not just conscripts who get it in the neck.
Go for any job where team work and being a team player is an essential part.
Thanks for the advice. It's almost unbelievable that the moral is that bad. I understand that the Russian military is having a crisis in terms of recruitment of motivated, fit individuals, but surely those in power understand the importance of teamwork and esprit de corps within units, right? If they simply addressed this with an anonymous electronic quantitative (for ease of data analysis) report that all serving members of the military had to complete in evaluation of their superiors, surely the issue would be lessened and the effectiveness of their armed forces would increase twofold, right?

Thanks for the advice.


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Get used to doing what you're told, by someone whose intellect you doubt.

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Once you have mastered these fine arts - you're a shoe in :)

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