best iron for phase1 ?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Mshadows, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. says it all in the title ! if anyone currently serving or has served , could you give me advice as to the best iron to buy ? as i want one of course powerful enough to keep the staff off my back because im crease-free !!
  2. A ******* steam one.
  3. Don't bother with an iron. These days all you have to do is hand your dirty laundry to the nice chap with two stripes on his chest. You'll get it back in 24 hours all freshly laundered and pressed.
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  4. right, okay , thank you . i thought something a bit more specific than that might be nice . as a 9.99 one from argos just wont cut it . so thought somebody may be able to tell me a good one ? that works well with current issue kit ?
  5. The real pro's learn to put creases in with prit stick and a cold mess tin.
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  6. i wish mate , even if it is useless (as some people have told me you wont even need it ) iv been told ill be beasted if i turn up to basic without it!
  7. Make sure you get a narrow one, it'll be easier to insert it into your rectum than a fat one
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  8. will do
  9. You can use you Good Hair Day hair tongs if you get really stuck.

    The ones you use to tease the kinks out of your frizzy ginger barnet in an attempt to look human.
  10. how dare you accuse me of being ginger . i challenge you to a duel!
  11. A 5 iron. You'll be playing golf mostly in phase 1.

    That's enough crap jokes. Get a Bosch one, mirror polished stainless steel soleplate is a must, and never ceramic or aluminium, they are utter shite. 2.4kw power, 100gm steam burst etc; and get the best you can afford. I have had a Bosch now for 13 years and it's still as good as the day I bought it.
  12. I'll have a word with my Valet, I'm sure he can give some good advice.
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  13. You should try using it more often then
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  14. Irons or handbags?
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  15. I use it daily, I'll have you know....

    Mostly to make a bacon sandwich, but it is used every single day!