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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by osta, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Good evening geeks!

    I am after a spot of advice, who is the best service provider at the moment?

    I currently use BT and I am out of contract and was looking to shop around for a better deal.
    I would prefer an unlimited download package but I am not a mega download bod, just the occasional album (on average 5 month)

    Any help will be appreciated as I don't want to be caught in a contract for a pants service.

    Also I am not unhappy with service that I get from BT just thought that in todays economic climate that I may be able to save a few pence!

  2. anybody?
  3. I use Sky broadband after BT mucked up once too often.
    Been with them for 2+ years now and no complaints.
    I was already getting sky digital TV so I went for the phone and internet all in one. It is a bargain.
    Just my opinion based on my own personal usage.
  4. Thanks Butler, will have a look tomorrow!
  5. I too am with Sky on their mega package or whatever its called at home and I have been with then since they started about 2 years ago.
    I was with NTL before (about 4 years) and although it was fibre optic as opposed to ADSL like wot Sky is, I have had a lot less outages.
    I dl gigs of movies and TV series when I am at home. Contrast that with what I have to put up with here in nigeria....250k ..its like going back to dial up.
  6. I'm another satisfied Sky customer, i'm that happy, i'm thinking of fcuking BT off completely and getting my line through Sky as well. ;)
  7. Sky for me too, been on it around 2 years and no problems, no caps and they dont mind torrents either....
  8. Agreed that Sky is by far the best. Been with them over 2 years and never had any problems. Great value if you take the whole package and you get a years free McAfee thrown in!
  9. I am with talk talk
    Got my mobile phone with them and was told I could get broadband for £6.49 as opposed to BT's about £15.

    Been with them just over a year and have no real complaints. I am unable to connecr about once a month due to maintainence. Have downloaded a fair bit of stuff from youtube and no problems.

    Like they say, you get what you pay for.
  10. Have been with Orange for a few years (previously known as Freeserve and then Wanadoo) and they are generally quite good. They are also willing to give a good discount every now and then when I phone them up to mention I could get a better deal elsewhere (eg OK Ethel have the next 6 months free).

    Don't EVER consider Tiscali - their Customer Service is absolutely clucking dreadful !!!!
  11. Tiscali - is the Pits of Doom...

    BT - is indifferent & unsatisfactory...

    Talk Talk - is OK - I have the Broadband and anytime 24/7 phone use for SELECTED Countries (inc.UK & USA) but does get its' knickers in a twist now and then - BUT - good value for money IMHO...
  12. What is service like when something goes wrong? UK service people or off to Peter Sellers in India?
  13. i use Plusnet cheap & never had a problem in 5 years.
  14. UK call centres upto 8pm, i think. After that, God knows where it is!
  15. Same here TALKTALK and then BT fucked me around so much and none of them spoke a word of english so moved to sky thaks been nearly 2 years and all of it a great service. Even when I moved the line rental from BT to sky they did all the admin for me and it's worked out cheaper