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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by swampmonster, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Just out of interest, there seems a bit of a push to sell PAX to our lads heading to dear old chillwell....

    Any ideas/Thoughts on what they were like to deal with if a claim is required..?

    And any other firms you would give a nod to or warn against.....?


    P.s in the past i have just went for the "Towergate Wilson" option on offer at what changed ?
  2. PAX, simple to apply and accepted with no medical.

    I have heard various horror stories though, where the injury is not cut and dried (like losing a leg - after all it wont grow back) You only have to look back at Soldier Magazines letters pages where injuries that are ongoing, they drag their heels and hold out on payments.

    I was injured in 98 and claimed and it was fairly simple, but I guess PAX are getting hammered with the number of wounded coming back from Afghan, so they may be more reticent.

    Towergate were fairly good, but again - read the small print, some companies may not honour the claim if you took it out after being warned for Ops.
  3. On that note, if any of you guys have Payment Protection Insurance on credit cards etc.... make sure you check your policy to see if you can claim for injuries whilst on deployment...
  4. I belive that there is a pax for reserve forces that gives the same cover but is cheaper than the one you get at RTMC. You can only sign up for this BEFORE you are taken into service.
  5. Christ, I had not tought about this one even......will pass this one a brief to give soon, so will include it..cheers :D