Best Instant Coffee?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by billybongo, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Coffee- love it. It's the best thing about insomnia, but what's the best instant?

    Started on this last month and reckon it's good:


    Rich, strong taste. Any other recommendations from instant coffee connoisseurs?
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  2. How about Nescafe Gold Blend with cat shit in the bottom of the tin? That's well posh that is?
  3. Seconded.
  4. You have insomnia and drink coffee?

    Just in case no one ever told you.

    Caffeine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. Cheating - need something for that caffeine fix at 03:30 when I'm padding round the house trying not to wake up 0ADomestic.
  6. I agree, I pack loads of it when I fly from the UK to woggo woggo land
  7. Thanks - I know :)!! But even without the coffee I can't go back to sleep if I wake up at about 03:30 (about 50% of the time), so an hour later I need/want a coffee to start the day before I take the dog out (she's now an insomniac too). Plus I like being up and about in the early hours; get a fair bit done, then I'm knackered by 23:00 and bed.
  8. Wow, they make instant coffee - how quaint.
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  9. Can't stand it, I do like Douwe Egberts though.
  10. Actually the point was that I assume you drink instant (muck) coffee at other times of the day as well as when you wake up/can't sleep?

    So coffee + insomnia. Might be at least a casual causal link there maybe?
  11. Why bother? Sling some real stuff in a cafetière and a few mins later it's ready.
  12. I do - but stop coffee/tea at about midday. No problems getting to sleep - takes about ten minutes and (once a blue-moon) a jump from the long-haired Obersturmbanfuhrer. It's a 03:30 wakeup for no apparent reason, lie there for half an hour then up and about. Fortunately, I don't suffer too badly from it unless I get a run of three or four early mornings. And I like the early mornings - particularly like today; cold and clear but especially early summer mornings when no-one else is out and about and it's just me and the dog in the fields. But a decent coffee is a great way of starting that morning off.
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  13. Don't like cafetiere stuff. But I do like your sig block - I could cheerfully slurp coffee from those top-bollox every day for the rest of my life.
  14. Oh I see.

    Well this will probably explain it then

    So no worries it just means you are that much closer to being dead.
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