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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by GUNGA, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. It goes without saying that most state schools are a mess awash with chavs and kids with no motivation. Which independent school would you choose to give the best all round education ? Would it be Westminster or Eton for social contacts, Winchester for academic attainment ?
  2. Back in the 80s, I'd have said try Sedbergh for the rugby, X country running, cricket , maths, and casual violence that typified a good public school.

    But they've accepted girls since then, so most standards have dropped, except for the violence probably.

    I always thought that things were simpler when you only had access to girls twice a term. It certainly helped when you were trying to learn Latin.
  3. St.Peter's York is an ancient foundation with a first-rate sporting record and academic achievement. It too is mixed, does the distraction factor become too great particularly at 6th form level ?
  4. Depends what type of school, if its an oxbrdige, academic expansive style independent then co-ed is a boon for creating rounded individuals who are not so socially stunted they have next to 0 chance of operating outside of the system.

    If its about winning at sport and buggery then single sex is rather important.
  5. Touche!

    I do prefer my buggery to be heterosexual though........ :lol:
  6. I went to a boys grammar school, where 'gayness' was unheard of! I always thought it was a myth that it was endemic in boys independent schools.
  7. Theres plenty of gayness at all public schools, but at the co-ed one its tempered with fine young fillies to create a bit more balance (i.e. the lads HAVE to stay abreast of current social trends to get any totty).
  8. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Get yourself to . It's my old school and very close links to the Argyll and Sutherlands. Good rifle range, good CCF, amazing surroundings and a damm good Pipe band.... oh, and they take girlies as well!
  9. Aha! but did you get the oppurtunity to put the Prince of Belgium in a bin?

    Ok the CCF was absolute gash at my place but....... ok you win. ;)
  10. I went to an all-boys grammar and know several people who failed to have decent contact with girls during their schooling career and ended up unsure on their sexuality - they had shared all their experiences until 18 with men/boys and struggled to deal with their "feelings". The rest of us just went and harrassed all the girls from the three nearby all-girls schools.

    There's nothing wrong with state schools. I taught in a few - of the secondary schools I'd only send my kids to one of the schools I worked in, but quite often they were rough schools. It's all about where you live unfortunately.

    If I were to send a kid private I'd go cheapish private - I'd want a focus on some academic achievement, without distancing the child from the reality of "wow, some people are thick". Thing is, I'm assuming my future kids might be academic like myself (ish) and my wife - if the kid turns out to be crap at structured academia but is an awesome plumber/carpenter then obviously our options would be different.
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Depends on the child - academic? sporty? good mixer? not so good? - it's horses for courses. Plus, the financial side & what sort of Joneses will he have to keep up with? Other service parents? and so on - and - drugs policy?.
  13. P_J

    P_J Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I'm surprised they've taken in girls. I'd have thought that the girls side of things was well covered at Casterton.

    Used to have a laugh watching the Sedbergh lads try to get in to see the girls at Casterton - I used to sit in the garden on my days off and giggle as they were picked off and sent away with a flea in their ears.
  14. Depends if we're talking about prep school, secondary school etc as someone who can't quote effectively made the point. However, by the time your child is 13/14 you will know whether or not they're academically minded, or more vocational. An independent school can still offer a lot beyond state school, even if your kid isn't going to oxbridge. However, I do advise taking a look at your local schools - some of them will be doing an amazing job and your kid will turn out far more rounded than going to school with a bunch of toffs who go on amazing holidays every 4 weeks (and also hate you because you can't take them on holidays like that)