Best idea for an army invention

I was sitting at work today dreaming about the same thing I always do (plan to take over the world...) when a genius idea hit me.

Powdered beer.

Much like screech in ratpacks, soldiers could be issued a powdered beer and at then end of a hard day, they could pour it into a water bottle and volia! A pint.

Different compo menus could have different flavours - Menu A, lager powder, Menu B, bitter powder, Menu C, cider powder, etc etc.

I think it would sell - if the MoD didn't buy it, soldiers would.

Which lead me to think, what else could we invent to make the Army better?
A brain for subbies?
Subbie - drunk squaddies are generally not a good idea in the field. Best you don't tell this one to the Adj.
I'd say we needed a 'c0ckometer' to identify kn0bbers, but mine seems to be working rather well - something about the previous post set it off.
Powdered beer, whatever next dehydrated water to save you carrying all that heavy stuff around!! Sounds great just wait until you need a drink and get yr dehydrated water and just add..............well water I suppose.

B***** back to the drawing board
Patent leather best boots

camnet spray (silly string style)

a mega death ray

blue smarties

crap I'm losing my mind

TheCheerfulSubbie said:
Which lead me to think, what else could we invent to make the Army better?
1.Enough soldiers to meet Tones commitments.
2.Weapons that work as soon as they are issued
3.Comms systems on time.
4. Decent Anti-Tank missile.
5. NV for all
6. Decent pay for all
7. Sensible Rules of Engagement ( Point that gun near me and you're dead ferinstance)
8.Helicopters in the right quantity, of the right sort, on the battlefields, NOW!

That'll do to be going on with.
the_butler said:
Patent leather best boots with zips
camnet spray (silly string style) that disolves when no longer needed

a mega death ray that you are actually allowed to use
blue smarties Blue? You apostate
crap I'm losing my mind already lost mine
wibble fish bananna
Self-building Egg Banjos
It must be something in the air at the moment......

Link to Aviation Forum

CutLunchCommando said:
press_it said:
its a discussion point & not a serious one.

if somelse can post about 'airbourne aircraft carriers' .............
And I was suggesting Ski Jumps for helicopters in the 'stan in another thread.

This gives me an idea........


several Arssers with (possibly) Halfbaked ideas.....

Several hundred Arssers gagging to mock them....

One poll thread with two voting options.......

And just one question......

Bone or Barnes-Wallis?
How about a device for warning us when Govenment Ministers are around on a 'fact finding' tour?

Oh wait....forgot all you have to do is sniff the air for the smell of sh1te!


[align=justify]How about using the beer dehydration kit on politicians, when not being used for beer...

"Here we have a politician ready to send of other people's children to voila, now a pile of dust."[/align]

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