Best houses on Blandford Camp

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Silent, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. What in your opinion the best houses on blandford camp for married personnel. I am talking about Other ranks to not Officer. I am soon to be posted there and wanted some feedback from people who know the score.

  2. I got no complaints with mine really, except it hasn’t got a shower which is an inconvenience.

    However, there is an upgrade project going on and eventually all quarters will be refurbished. Personally I would aim to be on South Crescent or Kingdown road as these are amongst he nicer quarters.

    Apart from that, sorry to hear you are coming.

    P.S. Leave your morale at the gate when you arrive.

    HIVE Guide to Blandford Quaters

    Hope that provides some more information for you.
  3. Reckon Sunray has a good one!
  4. I'm on South Crescent, it's alright but no showers
  5. I would try to stay away from gunge-ville and collage road but anywhere else not too bad. The houses are small so don't bring any morale or a sence of humour as you will soon find out that there is no room for it.
  6. Oooh no shower , what a hovel

    I had a quarter once , no fitted carpets, bathroom from ww2 , a coal bunker I had to clean but never used and a kitchen that still had a meat locker that vented to the outside world

    Showers ?? **** me I suppose if it had rained hard enough I might have got one as I could see through the roof

    ******* hell ******* whinging sprogs again
  7. -I used to live in a box.

    -Cardboard box?


    -You were lucky.
  8. I've got one of them to, so did my house in Bulford before here.
  9. Dont believe the hype about Blandford.Ive got a two bedroom house in Gunville Down Road and its actually not that bad, I've got 2 large-ish bedrooms,a decent sized (if slightly wierd shape) living room and a shower.
    as far as leaving morale at the gate goes dont believe these wingers, this is the best posting i've ever had!

    Its better to be a "sprog" flyer that an "old skool" waster!
  10. beat me to it.
  11. Oh, the blessed ignorance of youth. It makes me shed a nostalgic tear or two. It also gives me a boner with the same properties of mild steel which I would love to f*ck some sense into you :D

    Regards G_B ( an old skool waster) :wink:
  12. hi,
    i live in the school end of college road ...there good size houses , with good size gardens....and its a little more out the way than othere quaters i think ...
  13. It all depends on what size house you want, what size garden and whether you want storage space.

    The houses that have a garden to speak of are in south cresent, college road, race down and valley road - not forgetting the school end of college road. Gunville and kingdown have a small green patch that is hidden by a set of garden furniture.

    If you are after a four bedroomed house then you have no choice - kingdown is the best. Gunville is known by many as the bronks of blandford with everyone sqeezed together and no storage space aswell as no garden!

    The school end of college road is of the same layout and size of the rest of the'gardened' quarters but the other end is like gunville only not so surrounded (cause they just knocked down most of it!).

    If you are only after a 2 bed though south cresent is your best bet ... they go on about modernization but they were all done about 10-15 years ago - some like my old qtr at colege road have not been done for about 60 years - no joke!

    It's just lucky dip
    - welcome -
    I'm off!! lol bye
  14. i thought that anson and benbow towers were ok . at least they had showers ! worked for me in 93.