Best.. Hours to live...according to the BBC

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fatbadge, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. £5 says he kicks it between 4am-5am Friday.
  2. I shouldve called it 'Time Gentlemen, Please!'


    4 am to 5 am? That's a mighty vague guesstimate :lol: :wink:
  3. It is in the NAAFI and has been for ages! :roll: HERE! :D
  4. Well I’m not mystic meg :wink:
  5. Yes but no but yes but no.....

  6. Can't be that Goku, it's already 0642hrs! :D
  7. I meant for that to be in George time, not Dozy time :D
  8. I like the way 24 hour drinking is announced and starts on the day they declare Best as on the last few turns of his mortal coil..

    Laugh? Oh just slightly.
  9. I bet he’s gutted thinking of all the extra pub time he’s going to miss out on.
  10. The doctor has told Best he only has one hour to live, but there is some good news - it's happy hour.
  11. reckon he will kick the bucket at 6 am 25th nov, shame that liver has gone to waste, it cpould have somebody to live for 10 years , instead it was abused for 3 years and wasted :roll:

  12. :( Aye..
  13. Thank you I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought like this, rather than the nonsense that the news is reporting. I not even sure why a waste of skin like this even makes the news.
  14. Don't worry, Pox_Dr, you're far from alone in thinking that. He's genuinely important to very few people so why he gets the publicity that he does in life and in death is beyond me. I have every sympathy for those who love him and who will mourn him, but he's not touched my life other than to make me angry about the contempt with which he's treated the family of the liver donor by abusing it as he has. Everyone makes mistakes and is allowed a second chance, but he's an arrogant and selfish man.

    I can't believe I've used my 2,000th post for this - I was going to save it for something witty, but we all know that that would be a first... :roll: